Isle Style : Gold & Black

July 03, 2018
Moving to Hawaii meant a huge life and wardrobe change. I bought this skirt with the hopes of wearing it for Christmas and even though I did not get to do that, I kept it.  My purging before the move was rigorous but I felt that this baby had potential.
 Although most people dress pretty informally I still personally need to add a little touch to my isle style.  When it comes t o my hair, the frizziness is something I am just going to have to accept.  I feel that Not showing you those imperfections would be deceitful as far as how life is here, haha!
This skirt is definitely a keeper because it is flowy and super lightweight.  Not to mention, you can't help but feel great when you wear gold.  I am dying to pair it with the perfect white tee and also with a white dress shirt.  I am still on the hunt for those tops so for now the black top will do.  
How would you style this skirt?

Isle Style : Minimalism

June 26, 2018
  I have been on a minimalism journey for about a year now and this piece has made the cut for sentimental reasons and a practical one, because it fits!  B and I get rid of stuff each time we move and this last move to Hawaii has made us become super light.  
When I was younger I wanted a big 2 story house with a nice yard and even dreamt of a huge closet.  But now as an adult I realize it does not fit my lifestyle so I am trying to live and dress for the life I actually have.

This dress is an oldie but a goodie if you are a long time reader you might even recognize it.  It's my wedding dress.  Nothing fancy just a little white linen dress.    
I am trying to keep my wardrobe to neutrals and light fabrics.  
Here is why:
1.  It will make getting dressed easier

2.  Hawaii is hot and light fabrics are a must

3.  I love the clean crisp look

If you are interested in dressing for the life you actually have, try putting on your clothes every once in a while and see if you feel good in the outfit.  This morning I put on a dress that I thought I loved but after realizing that I felt blah in it, it had to go.  I am sticking to pieces that make me feel good.
How about you?  

Isle Style : Beach Ready

June 15, 2018
The weekend is here and that means I have to be ready to go in a jiffy.  One of the ways that I avoid driving my husband crazy is by figuring out my beach accoutrements beforehand and then packing my bag as seen here

As a woman I get the whole thing about not wanting to wear a bathing suit until your body looks amazing.  But now that I've gotten older, I just work with what I've got, because I am lucky to have it AND live in Hawaii.  I bought this tropical bikini when the possibility of living here first popped up and it was kinda like my lucky charm.  I have some one pieces but the bikini is so clutch when you are traveling.  We do a lot of exploring and something the baño is not always available so you have to be creative and sneak in to all sort of places.   Therefore tugging at a one piece is just not an option when you are on the go.

Back to the whole beach body thing, when I first started my blog one commenter sweetly left me a comment saying to save my pics because I would treasure them when I was older.  Now that it has been 10 years of my blog, I realize that yeah... I am glad I posted some pics of myself even though I might not have felt the cutest and by no means am I an IG model or influencer.  I write this blog as my legacy for........ I don't know who... since I wasn't blessed with kiddos.... But for those of you that keep up with me, this is for YOU.

I guess the moral of the story is not to wait for the perfect body, perfect day, perfect life.  I have to remind myself of this a lot.  Sometimes the way we see ourselves is so different than the way others see us, for better or for worse.

Anywho, I hope you get outdoors this weekend and go on an adventure big or small it does not matter and make sure to take pics of yourself having fun!!

Manulele Distillers...

June 13, 2018

Even when you live in paradise there are those moments of “What do you want to do?” I went and Googled a few options for a quick Sunday outing and we ended up at Manulele Distillers in Kunia here on Oahu.  It is a very small operation but a nice little surprise for us, since we are still getting to know all the nooks and crannies of the island.  We took the tour, which is rather teeny but since we are newbies and got the local discount we decided to partake.  I am always game to learn what goes on behind the scenes of a business.

The tour guide, showed us their farmland where they grow lettuce and supply it to the local restaurants and hotels.  

She also explained the different kind of sugar canes and la pièce de resistance was of course the tasting.

Full disclosure :  I found the clear Rum to be super strong that it scared me off from drinking the rest of the tasting.  B enjoyed the dark rums which were the cocoa and honey rums.  I am a fan of Rum drinks but drinking it pure was not my jam.

Either way, it was nice to go to the middle of the island and check out new territory.  The views were super pretty and I love when I can figure out all the roads and how they connect.

The tasting takes place in their store where you can find gifts, such as coffee, chocolates, apparel and Rum of course! 

If you have a weekend and want to get off the typical tourist destinations, this is a cute little place to visit.  I think the whole tour and tasting was about an hour.  Because it was off the beaten path, the tours are small and when we went, there weren’t too many people.  I liked that it was not a tourist trap but rather a place to learn about the entrepreneurial ways of this company along with some history about the land.

Isle Style : White Raw Hem jeans

June 05, 2018

Although it does get hot here, I do love me some white jeans.  I took an old pair and raw hemmed them.  It took 5 minutes and now they are part of my summer uniform.  Another reason why I'm digging these jeans is because they can protect me from the mosquitos when I walk the boys.  I haven't had too many issues here so far, but we take the boys to the park often and the bugs are plentiful there.

To give the jeans a little extra detail, I left the back part longer than the front, just like the ones you will find in all the stores now.  I have really been trying to wear what I have or re-invent here on Oahu.  Hence, my "new" pair of raw hems....
I am still sorting through my stuff, it has been a long process.  It does feel good to have less.  
I've also dusted my Octopus Sea Bag Courier Bag and have been using it to run errands.  
I prefer bags that are light and can pack a lot.  Since this one is made of sails, it fits the bill.  
So this is what I really wear on the daily, I want to be honest and show you what a real Hawaii residents wears around town.  In fact I threw this on quickly because I had to run to the post office.  WhenI got there, I discovered they open at 10am, so instead of going back home, I did an impromptu blog shoot.  This is not my cutest look but it is the real sealaura dans la vie quotidienne.
What is your current summer uniform?

8 items you need in your beach bag...

June 01, 2018

Do you have your beach bag ready?  I have my beach accoutrements ready and this weekend with the start of summer I am reorganizing my  bag so that I don't forget anything.  Don't get me wrong, I still like to keep it kinda minimal because we tend to do a lot of walking here in Hawaii.  Lately these items are a must in my bag:

1.  a hat - the sun is no joke here

2.  sunglasses - again the sun is no joke here.  It is super bright and powerful and when you don't have them you will probably buy a cheap pair somewhere to survive.

3.  sunscreen- duh! But make sure you get one that does not harm the coral reefs!

4. a good book - because I love all things France I have this one with me, which I spotted a woman at the airport reading

5.  a comb-  even though I love beach hair, I like to look semi decent if we pop in on any of the beach shops.

6.  a clutchthis cute one from India Hicks works well to hold your phone, ID, keys so you can go for happy hour and still look cute and beachy.  I like that in any bag, I can count on the important items being safe in the clutch.

7.  swim shoes-  for when you hit a rocky beach and don't want to mess up your feet

8.  IH extraordinary oil - this oil is great for everything, moisturizing your cuticles and also taming your fly aways or crazy beach hair in my case.  

If you are looking for a bag to carry all your beach items check out the India Hicks Eleuthera Tote.  It is wipeable, washable, durable and adorable!  
Today, if you buy the Eleuthera Tote in Stone, you will get a cute beetle bag to go with!

So now all that is left is getting in the car and going!!
Have a great weekend!

6 smart things to do when you move to a new state...

May 29, 2018

You've moved to a new city, now what?  Once the excitement and magic surrounding your impending move is gone, you have to deal with the actual living part of your new life.  I've been on Oahu for 1 month now and I have spent a bit of it standing in line.  

Yep, standing in line.  Why you ask?  Because as much as I would like to hang out by the beach and listen to podcasts all day I have to adult a bit.  Below is my adulting for the past month and also my recommendations of things to get done once you arrive in your new town.

1.  Establish care with new doctor.  
In my case, I got the dreaded pap test, and mammogram done.  I set up the appointments months before my arrival so when I got here, I could go and get it taken care of.  Not to mention, it takes months to get in to most doctors.  I have had my blood drawn and walked back and forth for all sorts of check ups but I am glad I got it done now, and not while I am navigating my new job.  Also if a medical emergency comes up you will be glad to know you have someone you can call.

2.  Get a new driver's license.
As much as I did not want to give up my California license, I had to take off the bandaid quickly. You can make an appointment or stand in line like I did.  They give you a temporary one here and the real one comes in a month or so.  I feel more established knowing I will have a Hawaii driver's license.

3.  Check in with new employer
By the grace of God I managed to land a job here.   During Spring Break I stalked people on Linkedin and tadaaaaaaa I got a new gig.  I had heard horror stories about the lack of job opportunities in Hawaii and was ready to  do anything but I got lucky and will be back to teaching French and Spanish.

4.  Become familiar with the lay of the land.
Over the past month I have become familiar with the Bus System.  I have taken the bus to doctor's appointments and to my new school.  Riding the bus has allowed me to take in the streets and layout of our side of the island without feeling tense that I was going to get lost. I liked looking out the window and getting familiar with landmarks and seeing how the towns connected.  I love the feeling of familiarity that I have gained over the past month.  It decreases my anxiety to know where things are located.

5.  Get to know the people at the Post Office.
You will want to make sure your mail is being forwarded and it is also an important place to know.  I've made a few trips to the Post and it has resulted in some nice conversations with the clerks including a recommendation for a Hair Stylist.  When I go there now, they greet me and we catch up on our last mini-convo.  I know that may just apply to my sweet  post office in Kapolei.  But walking over there has increased my familiarity with my new town.

6.  Take a class or join a gym
B and I have been going to Bikram Yoga.  I hate going and it is not that fun during hot yoga but I like the feeling after the class is over.  I also like the routine of the 26 poses and knowing I HAVE to go and get out of my comfort zone because I paid for it.  More than anything I find comfort in familiarity and if it includes some calorie burning, even better.

This is my take on some key things to do when you arrive to your new state.  Mind you B had moved to Hawaii 6 months before me, so he took care of setting up the utilities etc.  While he is a bit more settled, I still have to find MY way around here.  

Let me know what you think of my list and if there is anything you would you like to know about my moves.

The real Hawaii : Taking the bus to work

May 25, 2018
 Filipino Cultural Center
I pass this on the way to work.
Hey guys, I popped in to my new teaching gig in Waipahu. Since we are a one car family and I hate driving, I am determined to make public transportation work. I am happy to report, the bus system in Hawaii is pretty darn good. I get let off near the old Waipahu sugar plantation and walk about 3 long blocks to my new school.

Things I have personally learned about getting to work:

1. Carry a handkerchief
Even when it is cool, you will be sweaty by the time you stop walking to your location.

2. Give yourself time to catch your breath and get cleaned up before a work meeting. The humidity is real people.
I had a meeting yesterday and planned accordingly but still I felt like a sweaty mess. Of course if you don't have to walk anywhere you are golden!

3. Carry a very light rain jacket or umbrella.
Personally I prefer to cary my Patagonia Houdini jacket because it folds up nicely and is suuuuper lightweight.

4. Always carry a water bottle and a snack.
It is so hot and everything is soooooooooo expensive!! I always have a bottle and a chia bar in case of snack emergencies. Yesterday I decided to treat myself and got the SMALL Acai bowl for $11.50. It was good but dangggggg those are Dubai prices. Waipahu is kind of a blue collar town and there's not much here. It is very industrial. I seriously can barely afford to eat like I did in LA here. It is soooo expensive. Did I say that already?

Summer Whites with Lady P

May 23, 2018
It's time for summer whites and I could not be happier.  Time to pull it all out!  
If you need a new white handbag, today is your lucky day because 
photo from IH blog

Being hands free is a must for the summer and this bag will let you do that while still looking sharp.  As you may recall from a previous post, India Hicks' style is island inspired and a reflection of her adventurous life, and with summer right around the corner, there are many adventures to be had with this bag.

If you aren't in the market for a white bag, I guarantee you will fall in love with 
India Hicks's little luxuries.    My friend Emily is an IH ambassador and I am always happy to spread the IH goodness.  Women supporting women is also one of India's founding principles to her brand and how could I say no to that?
                         Happy Hump Day! The long weekend is right around the corner.

*  The links provided here lead to an IH sealaurasummer event in which I will earn some points towards free product.  I only post about products I use and love and IH is one of them.

Four tips for when you have to live apart

May 07, 2018

After a long fall and spring I have finally joined my husband in Hawaii.  I've been here 7 days or so and it's been so nice to be home.  My Airbnb in LA was nice but I was so ready to be settled and not live out of a suitcase. B and I have lived apart before and although I am not sure I want to do it again here are some tips to get you through :

1.  Binge watch Happy Shows
B and I have our shows like Survivor and Blackish that we like to watch together so I found silly shows to watch to lift my mood.  Aside from watching the Housewives on Bravo I binged Younger a show on TV land about a 40 something pretending to be 26 to re-enter the world of publishing.  It's super cute and kinda How Stellla Has her Groove Back vibe.  I also watched Catastrophe on Amazon prime.  It is hilarious and cheered me up plenty of times.

2.  Make new routines
Once B was gone, I felt a certain kind of freedom.  Before the freedom turned into loneliness I set up my new Laura L vibes.  Like Having Turmeric Lattes, listening to new Podcasts while I cleaned. I loved waking up way early and being able to make noise and spread out all my stuff in the bathroom. I also tried out new recipes

3.  Welcome a new hobby/ interest
Since I was left with just a yoga mat and a mattress for furniture I had no choice but to embrace minimalism and I really dug it.  I had watched the Minimalism documentary on Netflix and then filled my Saturday morning watching youtubers and listening to Minimalist podcasts.  I don't claim to be a minimalist but learning about it has made me be more intentional about what I acquire, especially since it costs $$$$ to ship your stuff across the pacific!  Here are some of the podcasts I listened to:
a.  The Minimalists
b. The practical minimalists

4.  Embrace your situation
I stayed behind in LA for many reasons, some financial, some practical and out of loyalty to my students and employer.  It was not easy at all.  I kept telling myself that there was a reason why God wanted me to have this time alone.  As much as I love California, I think it was a way for me to spend some time in my state and enjoy it before heading off to Hawaii.  Also, not having had kids of my own, I felt that there was a reason I was put into the lives of these girls and that I had to support them in their education.  Many people told me " I would have just left!"  and I often wondered if I was indeed crazy.  But in the end, I am happy with my choice because I had a great year with my girls and made so many happy memories with them.

Those are my take-aways.  I realize that many people especially those in the military go through this experience in more intense ways, this is just my personal reflection. I would love to hear what you think.

Have you lived apart from your partner for long periods of time?

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