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Four tips for when you have to live apart

After a long fall and spring I have finally joined my husband in Hawaii.  I've been here 7 days or so and it's been so nice to be home.  My Airbnb in LA was nice but I was so ready to be settled and not live out of a suitcase. B and I have lived apart before and although I am not sure I want to do it again here are some tips to get you through :

1.  Binge watch Happy Shows
B and I have our shows like Survivor and Blackish that we like to watch together so I found silly shows to watch to lift my mood.  Aside from watching the Housewives on Bravo I binged Younger a show on TV land about a 40 something pretending to be 26 to re-enter the world of publishing.  It's super cute and kinda How Stellla Has her Groove Back vibe.  I also watched Catastrophe on Amazon prime.  It is hilarious and cheered me up plenty of times.

2.  Make new routines
Once B was gone, I felt a certain kind of freedom.  Before the freedom turned into loneliness I set up my new Laura L vibes.  Like Having Turmeric Lattes, listening to new Podcasts while I cleaned. I loved waking up way early and being able to make noise and spread out all my stuff in the bathroom. I also tried out new recipes

3.  Welcome a new hobby/ interest
Since I was left with just a yoga mat and a mattress for furniture I had no choice but to embrace minimalism and I really dug it.  I had watched the Minimalism documentary on Netflix and then filled my Saturday morning watching youtubers and listening to Minimalist podcasts.  I don't claim to be a minimalist but learning about it has made me be more intentional about what I acquire, especially since it costs $$$$ to ship your stuff across the pacific!  Here are some of the podcasts I listened to:
a.  The Minimalists
b. The practical minimalists

4.  Embrace your situation
I stayed behind in LA for many reasons, some financial, some practical and out of loyalty to my students and employer.  It was not easy at all.  I kept telling myself that there was a reason why God wanted me to have this time alone.  As much as I love California, I think it was a way for me to spend some time in my state and enjoy it before heading off to Hawaii.  Also, not having had kids of my own, I felt that there was a reason I was put into the lives of these girls and that I had to support them in their education.  Many people told me " I would have just left!"  and I often wondered if I was indeed crazy.  But in the end, I am happy with my choice because I had a great year with my girls and made so many happy memories with them.

Those are my take-aways.  I realize that many people especially those in the military go through this experience in more intense ways, this is just my personal reflection. I would love to hear what you think.

Have you lived apart from your partner for long periods of time?

India Hicks Valentine's Gift Guide...

It's 10 days till Valentine's Day so I am sharing an India Hicks Guide with little luxuries all under $50.   I love Valentine's day and emphasize the celebration of friendship with my students.  This little holiday is a nice happy point after surviving the holidays and the January blues.  I've chosen things I either have or would love myself.
 I have chose the English Rose roller, the Junkanoo Tassel in Flamingo for a nice pop of color for your favorite tote or handbag.  Even though it is on backorder til Feb 5th, I could not pass up the opportunity to try the Go Bag containing the new IH beauty products.  They have been raved about since the launch last week from WWD to HauteLiving and for $35 bucks, si por favor! The Lovely Lips Lip Balm is beautifully packaged and adds a hint of color.  Perfect for me because I am not big on makeup.    I really love the Beetle pouch for storing tech cords that are often floating around in my bag.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a specific place for all the gadget accoutrements?  Lastly, the Watch Crown coin purse is adorable!  You could also use it to store your ear buds.  That's what I use mine for because León my Pomeranian loves to eat them.
I'll be sharing more India Hicks ideas because I am obsessed and also because she is an Island Girl, just like me.
Happy Sunday!

Savannah Blooms in LA...

I never met a stripe I did not like so when I saw the Megan Tunic from Avon's Spring Line I had to have it.  When it comes to adding new pieces to my wardrobe I stick to what works for my lifestyle and shape.  Tunics are essential for beach life especially in sunny blue stripes.

The slit sleeves makes this piece different for Spring 2018.  I know I will appreciate the extra breeze come summer and the ruffle cuff is also a nice detail.  Can you believe this tunic is only $29.99?   That's what I really love about  AVON fashion, it does not break the bank.  Adding one new piece can add a little pep to your Spring wardrobe and I believe this top is it for me. 

Avon 's  Southern Belle collection consists of a lot of fun pieces that mix and match. This is  my favorite piece because it will be great for travel and for beachy adventures.  I am definitely taking this to Hawaii when I see B in February and during Spring Break.

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with León.  He is currently living with my sister in Vegas because I am traveling a lot and am also finalizing the Hawaii travel for him and Newman.  The boys will be taking a red eye in March and then B will pick them up at the airport and we will be done with this saga!! Moving pets to Hawaii is NOT easy!
Anyway, I miss those guys! But I was grateful to spend the weekend with him and have some snuggles before he headed back to Sin City.  

In 20 days I will be in Hawaii to visit B.  I can not wait.  It will be a whirlwind weekend but we have set these little markers to make the time we are a part go by faster.  
Do you have any weekend getaways planned?

India Hicks Spring 2018...

India Hicks is known for being a coastal design trendsetter and for her laid back island aestethic.  India represents an easy accessible island lifestyle which makes her a girl after my own heart.  She is also an avid animal lover and I have been in love with her for years.  Today I am  beyond excited to partner with fellow island dweller Emily Goldbach to share the new India Hicks Spring 2018 collection.  

But before we dive into all the India Hicks goodness I have to introduce you to Emily.  Believe me when I tell you, it is indeed a small world. I met Emily via an IG rabbit hole and it turns out we have a lot in common.   We are both from LA,  both now living in Hawaii and we even went to the same orthodontist back in the day.  Emily is on Kauai and I will be on Oahu shortly to join my hubs.  Here is my interview with Emily :

What prompted you to start India Hicks, Inc.?

India and I both turned 50 last year. I distinctly remember her as one of Princess Diana's bridesmaids back in The Day (1981!!!) , and just thought that someone our age (13 at the time!) could have such an important job. Just thought that was the most mind-blowing thing ever.

What about India Hicks  inspires you the most?

Oh, wow. How much time do I have to answer?

What DOESN'T inspire me about this company and this woman?

The fact that India is soooo down to earth. That she is so real. 

There is zero pretense. She's got that wicked sense of humor. She drops an F Bomb every once in a while. Like when we were all dancing at the Great Get Together last August, and she dropped her champagne flute... and then dropped an F Bomb in that plummy posh accent of hers. I died.

Any downsides to living in paradise?


Best decision I ever made.

I do not miss The 405. At all.

What are three favorite pieces from the new collection?

Egads! I have to CHOOSE?


You had me at "simple" and "clean ingredients."

2.  Shift and Switch cross body handbag.

I want to EAT that leather. 

And who does a Blush color like that in a bag, that isn't a four-figure Hermes, Celine, etc?

 3. IH x Found My Animal Leash and Collar.

Because my other obsession in life is my Chazzy Dog. Just worship him to bits! 

Dogs are a huge part of the IH brand. Now we have something just for them!

Emily and I could go on and on about India Hicks, so this is our first installment sharing the Spring 2018 collection.  To keep the excitement going I will also be hosting and IH Get Together here on sealaura.  What is an India Hicks Get Together you ask? A Get Together is a chance to connect with friends by sharing the India Hicks Collection.  Ideally, we would all get together at the sealaura office and shop but thanks to the internet we can do it in our pajamas from our own homes.  I recently bought  the India Hicks Insider Clutch and love it! So I wanted to do an online party and share the India Hicks experience with you!  

Which India Hicks piece catches your eye?