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Try it Tuesday : Citron

It's only Tuesday but I am already eyeing the weekend. I love my job but like  mentioned in my last post.  I want to chill.  I did not take last summer off and have taught for 12 months in a row. When I am feeling low, I turn to happy colors to lift my mood.  Enter Citron, le coleur de jour.  I'm going to admit I feel a little loud when I wear these pants but that's what spring is all about, happy bright colors.

Mine are from CAbi's last spring season but this color is still going strong in 2017.  You can add another pop of color like the look Madewell created above or do your own twist.
And in keeping with the Spirit of Citron, start and end your day with Easy Peasy.  I just love the sweet mint and lemon fragrance which screams SPRING IS HERE!

What are you trying this Tuesday?

Spring Fever...

It's been a glorious spring so far here in SoCal.  Sunny skies, highs in the 70s, which means it's time for white denim and sleeveless shirts.  I went for the basic, white and navy blue combo.  I can't wait wear to wear more spring/summer clothes.  I feel more like myself.
If you are a long time reader, you probably know I wear white year round. I just love it.  In fact I wore white denim overalls for Thanksgiving as seen here.  White makes me feel free and clean.  
One of the hardest things about my job  (fashion-wise) is having to wear dress shoes everyday, especially because Vans are a staple in my wardrobe. I feel teachers should get a pass as far as footwear since we are on our feet all day.  I personally never get to really sit at my desk.  I am always circling the classroom, making sure my girls are on task etc.  And then there's traffic duty and lunch duty, you see what I mean?  We should be able to wear comfy shoes, right?  I got to wear this pair at school this week during the Freshmen retreat.  Whenever we get "free dress" I am all about it.  In fact I snuck in my white overalls during sprit week.  It's funny because I went to a private school for high school and it was all about pushing the limits with the uniform dress code and I find myself doing the same now at work.
I think I just have Spring fever and I'm tired of wearing my dark pants and dress shirts.  I just want to plaaaaaaaay!  For now, walks with the boys will do.  Thank goodness spring break is in two weeks.

Meet your new BFF...

As I've gotten older I've learned that beauty products made out of quality ingredients don't have to cost a fortune.  Enter your new BFF!
One thing I can't live without is a good face wash and Perfectly Posh's BFF is my new favorite.
I've been using this face wash for the last month and I always feel invigorated aftewards.  It must be partly due to the mix grapefruit and peppermint essential oils.  I now I use the same combo in my oil diffuser in my classroom. I specifically use this blend to motivate my students and this face wash is how I get motivated to face the day.
Trust me when I tell you that a little goes a long way. All you need is a pea sized amount and you are set. 
On another note, I always's wanted an outdoor shower to complete my beachy lifestyle.  What about you?  I love vacation homes with this feature, it is the icing on the cake to living the tropical dream.
Wishing you a Tropical Tuesday vibe!

Ciclavia 2017 Culver City Meets Venice

So I am bringing the fanny pack back, are you in?  Yesterday B and I hopped on our bikes and took part in Ciclavia.  Basically the roads were open so people could bike from Culver City to Venice Beach without any traffic getting in the way and it was amazing.  I have not felt that free in a long time.  Even though I am a tad out of shape and had to dust off my bike, I am so glad we went.  Here in LA everything seems so far away because of the traffic but we got to the beach in a jiffy.

So we rode from our apartment to Venice and back and then came home and walked the boys to Culver City.  It was a great day for families to get out and enjoy the weather and all the cool things out city has to offer like food trucks, the Mar Vista Farmer's Market, and a bunch of local vendors.  This has been a fabulous weekend.  I love it when we can do things that include the boys.  
How was your weekend?

A-hem....Raw hem

shoes : Danskos jeans : Ralph Lauren Similar here
Last weekend I went to The Grove and after watching "Get Out" (have you seen it?  It's amazing), I took a little look at Madewell. As expected I loved everything including the latest trend in denim, the raw hem.  Instead of buying a pair of new jeans I dug out an old pair of Ralph Laurens and did my own DYI.  I was a bit nervous but also excited because this DIY was gonna be a cinch and take a few minutes.  This particular pair was long on me and I had been wearing them cuffed, but it was time for a new look.
The key is to cut them right above your ankle so you show a little skin `a la 19th century.  I threw mine in the wash to get a little fray.  Afterwards, I cut a few loose white strings and I was done.
I don't get to wear jeans as much as I would like but today was "Free Dress" at the school where I teach so I took advantage of the occasion to try out my "new" old pair.
shirt CAbi old similar here 
What Jean trend are you craving this spring?

Hello Sweetie!

 I had a really great weekend and for the first time in a very long time I feel a tad caught up with my home life.  I spent the weekend washing linens, and putting some things away.  After all that work my hands definitely needed some love and that's when the Bit Fat Yummy Hand cremes came in!  My favorite is definitely the Beach Blanket One because of its citrus and vanilla scents.  I love vanilla in fact that is my favorite perfume scent.  But all of these have either vanilla or citrus so I was a happy girl.
I also got to use these chunks by Perfectly Posh.  It has been a long time since I have been obsessed about beauty products.  I am not much of a makeup person but naturally based products ARE my JAM!  I like the Coconut chunk and Seas the day for everyday beachy goodnes and the Field Better soon, to wind down the day.  I love taking a bath after work and then using lavender as a base to soothe my soul.
If you are interested in trying out Perfectly Posh, you can choose your own bundle.
1.  choose a chunk
2.  love on a lip balm
3.  Have a hand crème
Wishing you a Happy Monday and don't forget to SEAS THE DAY!

Tuesday Tote...

Now that's it's March I've started to transition out of my dark colors to something a little more fresh.  Like most teachers I carry the whole world in my bag and it's hard to find THE ONE.
I've also recently downsized a bit via Poshmark, because life in a tiny LA apartment means no closet space. That means I got rid of a lot of my bags.  Sad face, right?  Well not really.  It was quite liberating to give those bags a new home.  
So last night I grabbed this old girl and started stuffing part of my teacher life into it :
bag with tech cords
pouf with personal items
granola bars in case my students or I are starving
papers I take home to work on but end up carrying right back to school
You'd think that would cover it but I also carry a small backpack with my laptop and some books.
I think I just have to realize that I won't really dive into those books once I get home considering I spend 10 hours at school.  But everyday I seem to think I will be so productive once I get home.  

Anyway I am glad I kept this minty bag from AVON.  It's funny how of all my bags this inexpensive one made the cut.
What do you look for in your perfect work bag?  
How do you keep your work and personal items organized?