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A-hem....Raw hem

shoes : Danskos jeans : Ralph Lauren Similar here
Last weekend I went to The Grove and after watching "Get Out" (have you seen it?  It's amazing), I took a little look at Madewell. As expected I loved everything including the latest trend in denim, the raw hem.  Instead of buying a pair of new jeans I dug out an old pair of Ralph Laurens and did my own DYI.  I was a bit nervous but also excited because this DIY was gonna be a cinch and take a few minutes.  This particular pair was long on me and I had been wearing them cuffed, but it was time for a new look.
The key is to cut them right above your ankle so you show a little skin `a la 19th century.  I threw mine in the wash to get a little fray.  Afterwards, I cut a few loose white strings and I was done.
I don't get to wear jeans as much as I would like but today was "Free Dress" at the school where I teach so I took advantage of the occasion to try out my "new" old pair.
shirt CAbi old similar here 
What Jean trend are you craving this spring?

Hello Sweetie!

 I had a really great weekend and for the first time in a very long time I feel a tad caught up with my home life.  I spent the weekend washing linens, and putting some things away.  After all that work my hands definitely needed some love and that's when the Bit Fat Yummy Hand cremes came in!  My favorite is definitely the Beach Blanket One because of its citrus and vanilla scents.  I love vanilla in fact that is my favorite perfume scent.  But all of these have either vanilla or citrus so I was a happy girl.
I also got to use these chunks by Perfectly Posh.  It has been a long time since I have been obsessed about beauty products.  I am not much of a makeup person but naturally based products ARE my JAM!  I like the Coconut chunk and Seas the day for everyday beachy goodnes and the Field Better soon, to wind down the day.  I love taking a bath after work and then using lavender as a base to soothe my soul.
If you are interested in trying out Perfectly Posh, you can choose your own bundle.
1.  choose a chunk
2.  love on a lip balm
3.  Have a hand crème
Wishing you a Happy Monday and don't forget to SEAS THE DAY!

Tuesday Tote...

Now that's it's March I've started to transition out of my dark colors to something a little more fresh.  Like most teachers I carry the whole world in my bag and it's hard to find THE ONE.
I've also recently downsized a bit via Poshmark, because life in a tiny LA apartment means no closet space. That means I got rid of a lot of my bags.  Sad face, right?  Well not really.  It was quite liberating to give those bags a new home.  
So last night I grabbed this old girl and started stuffing part of my teacher life into it :
bag with tech cords
pouf with personal items
granola bars in case my students or I are starving
papers I take home to work on but end up carrying right back to school
You'd think that would cover it but I also carry a small backpack with my laptop and some books.
I think I just have to realize that I won't really dive into those books once I get home considering I spend 10 hours at school.  But everyday I seem to think I will be so productive once I get home.  

Anyway I am glad I kept this minty bag from AVON.  It's funny how of all my bags this inexpensive one made the cut.
What do you look for in your perfect work bag?  
How do you keep your work and personal items organized?

Life with León...

Guess who wakes up at 5am on a Sunday? León! But when I see that face, I can't help but forgive him.  When we were finally ready to add a new member to our family, we knew we wanted a happy dog just like our Norm.  Well León fits the bill because this guy smiles all day long.
Since I could not wear this guy out by walking for an hour in our neighborhood, we decided to take him to the beach.  It was the perfect way to start our day even if we weren't quite ready.
The boys love going to the beach, especially Venice Beach because there are so many people and dogs to keep your eyes busy.  
No matter how busy I am or how much I have on my plate, León's endless energy and joy puts it all in perspective.
Happy Monday!

Grab your Beach Blanket!

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Usually when February comes around I tend to get into a funk.  Even though I live in LA, it''s been rainy and grey for a few weeks.  But I've found just the thing to get you back into a Beachy State of Mind.  I've fallen in love with Perfectly Posh's Beach Blanket line.  The combination of honey, sea salt and citrusy vanilla is just what I need to lift my mood.
One of the toughest thing about winter lately is my hair.  The humidity makes me look like my Pomeranian León, and I don't look nearly as cute as he does.  So I was excited to try Beach Hair Don't care, to tame my mane and still rock that Cali Beach Vibe.  It comes with a spray nozzle for an easy application.
And Last but Not least you MUST try this hand lotion.  I have tried every lotion in the book, to combat dry skin.  From Aveno to Neutrogena and this Beach Blanket one has done the trick.  I like it because it is not greasy and smells Fantastic!! 
All of these products will transport you to a Beachy State of mind so grab yours here.

Back to life...

It's been quite the start to the new year.  While I was feeling all peppy to go back to school and teach my heart away.  Day 1 sent me home with Influenza!!! I have been in bed for dayssssss and yes I did get the shot.  It was just an unlucky circumstance and one you risk when you work with kids.  I still recommend getting the shot, despite my luck this year.  
Yes, I am dating myself with this Soul II Soul reference but I really like this song and it sums up how I am feeling.  I am back to life and I have "to keep on movin' ".  Thank goodness for this MLK holiday because I need all the rest I can get before I teach 5 Spanish sections in a row.
Anyway, here's what I've been up to while in bed.
2.  Listening to Podcasts galore.  Here are some of my faves:
a.  Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald (Hollywood sillyness)
c.  The Little Yellow Couch (decor, fashion)
d.  Here to make Friends (Bachelor recap show)
3.  Watching the Bachelor... hello Corrine!
Ladies of London
I was honestly too sick to enjoy anything during this flu.  So I am looking forward to re-entering civilization and energizing every aspect of my life.
I am still on a health kick and I am doing Beachbody on Demand videos for a little Yoga and Cardio.
And yes I will be adding this Soul II Soul to my workout mix.
What about you?
How is the New Year treating you?

2017 Refresh...

Happy New Year!!  
By now, you have probably made all the social media rounds and checked out everybody's goals, resolutions or intentions.  Whatever you want to call it, I think it is all good.  Like most folks I want to share a few of my thoughts for the new year.

1.  I would like less hate/criticism/people being hard on each other.  As ridiculous as the following will sound I say : Leave Mariah alone!!!  Ok, so she messed up her song for New Year's, but who cares!! People are so mean sometimes.  And even if she is loopy, let her be!  And on that note, I would like to be less hard on everyone.  Less criticism, more compassion.

2.  I would like to read more.  This is a tough one because so much of my job is reading español from my students but I need to read more BOOKS.  Not blogs, not pinterest, but BOOKS.

3.  I would like more Yoga in my life.  I am happy to report, I started the year off right doing Yoga with B.  Even though we were tired, even though Newman and León were walking all over us during the poses.  But we did it!

4.  More regular blogging.  I've been wanting to do this for the last year or so but my job has taken over my life, not to mention life in general.  Nevertheless, my blog was my passion for so long and I want to be that passionate blogger again.

5.  More time outdoors.  Ever since I moved to LA I feel I have been boxed in.  Sure we go to the beach and I love it but I need more walks, more outings.  Like I said in #1, I want to not be hard on myself because last year was a hard one for me/us with all the changes.  All I wanted to do was survive and I did but now it is time to Restart, Refresh.

So these are a few of my initial goals/thoughts/intentions for 2017.  B and I went on a walk by the boats in Marina Del Rey and so far we are feeling pretty optimistic about 2017.
What about you?