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Pink Safari...

Happy Monday!!  I've been back in Profesoraville for one week and so far so good.   I am still trying to find my stride.  I am teaching  3 preps which is not bad at all but I do have 5 classes in a row on most days.  So far I've been waking up at 4am to get my act together even though my commute is only 10 minutes (in LA.... I know!!!!).   As I've mentioned, this job is a lot more formal.  Unlike my last school where we went by first names, I am now Profesora Davis.

 Adding pink to olive green is my way of adding a feminine touch to this military look.  I am now teaching at an all girl where they have an uniform and I must say I am still trying to figure mine out.  At my last job, I could wear whatever I wanted but now we have a lot of guidelines, which I appreciate because we are role models for these young women.  However, I will never wear heels, no gracias.  I wore a pair of heels to my niece's wedding this past summer and I almost died.
What are your go to looks right now?

Silver Brogues, yay or nay?

With school starting up again (TODAY!)  I have to switch my wardrobe in a massive way.  My Patagonia pieces that were key to my old job have to be more for the weekend and I must opt for more tailored pieces.  Not a problem because I LOVE clothes.  Shocker, I know.  Anyway, I have my eyes on a new pair of brogues.  I would love to add a silver pair to my life but which ones?  Traditional ones like the ones above or sneaker ones like the ones below.

I am not sure I can get away with either of them.  But they have my attention.
Which ones would you pick?

Mid year renewal...

Is anybody still here?  So much has happened in the last 2 years.  My blogging has been spotty due to dedicating myself to teaching at an International Boarding school in Sedona.  Those two years were full of lots of professional growth but I always knew I had to find my way back to California.  As soon as graduation ended in Sedona, I got in the UHaul and moved to Los Angeles, where it all began.  

Mid Week Mani...

I've been on a mega mani kick lately.  As you may recall, my favorite mani is white, I know boring right?  I just love how clean my hands look so it is definitely my go to look

Turquoise for fall...

Just because fall is here, it does not mean that you have to put away your happy beach colors.  I love Turquoise all year long.  Living in the Southwest helps too, since it is always in style here in Sedona.

Silpada's K&R Collection

Silpada is known for it's high quality silver jewels but they have recently added the K&R Collection which allows jewelry lovers to mix metals.  If you can't choose between silver and gold, no prob! Wear both!  The pieces above are my current faves.  I am typically more of a silver girl but there's something about fall that makes me shift towards warm goldish tones.

Mala Monday...

Most people struggle with Mondays so a mala is a good way to amp up your good vibes.  I love all the tassel necklace around this season and here in Sedona, they are around year round and everywhere.