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Blue Serenity...

Blue Serenity is pretty much the opposite of how I feel on Monday Mornings but I channeled it anyway.  Today I had an "In-Service" to attend for my job out in the San Fernando Valley.  Even though I have so much work to do, I tried to be present and enjoy the experience.  The campus was lovely and after the rain cleared, I took a lovely small walk.

As I alluded to, Blue Serenity is one of the Pantone Colors of the year and my choice for this Mani Monday.  
I think I said this before but even though  I am a seasoned teacher I find myself working incredibly hard this fall.  I pride myself on being able to adapt to change and if you've been reading this blog you know change is a common theme for us.  I think I am doing ok and still able to provide meaningful lessons but they come at a cost... I have no time for myself.  
This weekend I had a pile to grade but I put it aside and took my boys for an early morning beach walk, 20 minute massage and binge watched The Knick.  

Have you seen it? It's like ER but at the turn of the 20th century.  I love anything during that time period and this show does not disappoint.
How is your fall going?  It is my favorite season and before it dissappears I am forcing myself to stop and enjoy it, even if it means 4 am mornings for lesson planning.  
How do you make time for it all?

Black Onyx by Jamberry

I have been wanting to do my nails for ever and I finally got made the time on Sunday to do them.  I am a big supporter of friends with direct sales so when Jamberry came knocking I got hooked.  I will be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with Jamberry.  The nail wraps are a hit or miss for me.  I will either have an amazing Jamicure or it will be a  hot mess. The way they look in the catalog and on Instagram is amazing but application process or maybe it's my process is not exactly perfect. 

So when I was introduced to the gel at home system, I was all in.  And since it is now fall, I am all about dark colors.  They recently introduced Black Onyx and I finally got my hands on it.  You have to do maybe a couple of coats because the first one comes on kind of watery.  But in the end I was happy with the results.  They might not be salon perfect but they good enough for me.
Black, Shiny and ready for October.
What color are you sporting this October?

Meet Leo...

Meet Leo!

Hola, Happy Monday!   If you follow us on IG or FB you know, that we have a new member of the family.  Leon Salvador Davis or "Leo" for short has been with us for one week.  He is now 12 weeks old and a bundle of fun!

While the Fall is not an ideal time to get a puppy for us, we did it.  I am super busy with a new job at a new school but I was really missing an extra furry guy in my life. So we adopted Leo.  Believe me I do not have the time or energy to train a new pup, but as we all know you have to make time for the things that matter to you.
We wanted a dog that was happy and smiled like our sweet Norm used to do and Leo fit the bill.  It's been so hard without Norman in our lives, to say the least.  Of course, we are not replacing him, there will always be only one Norm and I still miss him immensely.

One of my favorite things about Leo is that he has Normie's spunk and flare.  He is a ball of energy and he has that SMILE.  We took him to the beach yesterday for the first time and he had the time of his life.
You might be wondering how Newman is handling his new brother.  Well, he is not a fan of Leo.  They basically lead separate lives even though Leo is desperate for his big brother's attention.  I don't know whether Newman will learn to love Leo or if he will just always do his own thing.  If he continues to just do Newman time, I am ok with it.  B and I are working really hard to let Newm know he is our special chug and at the top when it comes to the canine chain of command at our house.

Pink Safari...

Happy Monday!!  I've been back in Profesoraville for one week and so far so good.   I am still trying to find my stride.  I am teaching  3 preps which is not bad at all but I do have 5 classes in a row on most days.  So far I've been waking up at 4am to get my act together even though my commute is only 10 minutes (in LA.... I know!!!!).   As I've mentioned, this job is a lot more formal.  Unlike my last school where we went by first names, I am now Profesora Davis.

 Adding pink to olive green is my way of adding a feminine touch to this military look.  I am now teaching at an all girl where they have an uniform and I must say I am still trying to figure mine out.  At my last job, I could wear whatever I wanted but now we have a lot of guidelines, which I appreciate because we are role models for these young women.  However, I will never wear heels, no gracias.  I wore a pair of heels to my niece's wedding this past summer and I almost died.
What are your go to looks right now?

Silver Brogues, yay or nay?

With school starting up again (TODAY!)  I have to switch my wardrobe in a massive way.  My Patagonia pieces that were key to my old job have to be more for the weekend and I must opt for more tailored pieces.  Not a problem because I LOVE clothes.  Shocker, I know.  Anyway, I have my eyes on a new pair of brogues.  I would love to add a silver pair to my life but which ones?  Traditional ones like the ones above or sneaker ones like the ones below.

I am not sure I can get away with either of them.  But they have my attention.
Which ones would you pick?

Mid year renewal...

Is anybody still here?  So much has happened in the last 2 years.  My blogging has been spotty due to dedicating myself to teaching at an International Boarding school in Sedona.  Those two years were full of lots of professional growth but I always knew I had to find my way back to California.  As soon as graduation ended in Sedona, I got in the UHaul and moved to Los Angeles, where it all began.  

Mid Week Mani...

I've been on a mega mani kick lately.  As you may recall, my favorite mani is white, I know boring right?  I just love how clean my hands look so it is definitely my go to look