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LSJ Style : Michelle

Michelle, ma belle sont les mots qui vont trés bien ensemble....
In case you didn't guess, Michelle is one of my fave songs from the Beatles as well as one of my new faves pieces for summer.
The sand color is divine and I loved pairing it with black skinnies for a more dressy feel.  
It also comes in blush which is a great option for summer and the IT color of the moment.

I also added a few gold and silver accessories for a fun touch.
Can you spot the piñata in the background?
For those of you new to sealaura,  aside from being a blogger babe,  I also teach español.
Finals week is here and I am grading like a madwoman so I can relax.

Speaking of relaxing, summer is all about flowy tops like the Michelle.
This top is packable and in a pinch you could use your blow dryer to take out any wrinkles.
Because I love everything white, I see this top over white shorts and white skinnies. But I am a year round white clothing kinda girl and I like white with everything.
You could also throw this on over your bathing suit, after a day at the pool or the beach.
For now, I am wearing it to work!!!
But I have summer plans for this baby.
What are your summer plans?

LSJ Style : Marilyn

Now that summer is right around the corner, I wanted to up my T-shirt game.  There's no need to dress in sloppy tees when you can be a Marilyn via this beauty from LSJ.  
 One way to dress it up a bit is by adding some cute accessories, including a  cute cuff from LSJ.  It is from the dainty jewelry collection.  There are some other motivational sayings such as "love" that you can add to your arm party. 
When it comes to summer jewelry I am all about fun bangles and colorful bracelets. 
What about you?
 I am also loving the casual comfy vibe for summer and heck for the rest of the year!
It's all about how you style it.  Truthfully I wear the same pieces year round.  One thing I learned from living in the midwest for seven years (thank you Notre Dame!) is the art of layering.
Even here at the beach you need to have your morning layer for May Grey and June Gloom and by 10 or 11 be ready to peel them off.
 This weekend marked the unofficial start of summer I could not be more happy.  I am giving my final exams this week and am looking forward to more peaceful days.  Even though I will be teaching two classes, it is waaaaaaay better than 5!  I plan on decluttering a bit more so we can fit in our little apartment.  Going from a house in Sedona to a 1 bedroom in LA has been an adjustment.
As you can see I was super casual this weekend, I didn't get a chance to take pics of me dressing up the tee but I will be sure to take some soon.  Anyways, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It sure was nice to get a break before the last push for the end of the school year.  
Are you a Tee shirt kind of gal?

LSJ : Memorial Day sale...

This week leading up to final exams has been a doozy.  So when I saw this boho dress on sale for 50% off I had to grab it.  It is called the Lisbon and its  flowing sleeves, crocheted Lace, and button down front had been calling my name for weeks.

It's perfect for summer because it has a breathable fabric and soft underskirt for the ultimate comfort. I plan on wearing it as a maxi and also leaving the bottom unbuttoned with some shorts underneath.
My next grab was this Tory Tunic.  This one is not on sale but with the money I saved on the Lisbon, I decided to treat myself.  It is a nice heather grey.  A perfect neutral.  I plan on wearing it with white jewelry and sandals.  It looks like the perfect thrown on vacation dress and I plan on taking this beauty with me everywhere I go this summer.
I also added this "Oui" cuff to my cart because how could I not?!  
The inspiration behind this cuff is :
"I imagine yes is the only living thing." E.E. Cummings

These cuffs would make great graduation gifts for the special Señorita Jolie in your life, don't you think?

Well that does it for my retail therapy.  
Make sure you check out the LSJ Memorial Day Sale, it starts today!

LSJ style : "Laura"

Happy Monday!  We're in full Spring/Summer vibe over here in LA.  So it's out with the darks and in with the bright colors.  My pick today is the "Laura" in Groovy Gold from La Señorita Jolie.  I recently became a style ambassador after stalking their IG for 2 years.  Their style is very Casual, Comforable and Chic which is right up my alley.
I like to think they named they shirt after me but really I just got lucky with this happy golden color being attached to my name.
It is the perfect layer for morning walks with the boys.  León has been a bit wild this weekend so we start our walks at 6 am when it's still chilly so this golden layer is just perfect. We recently started taking León to day care and it has been a game changer.  He is much calmer at home but on the weekends he still wants to play ALL DAY.  I love puppyhood but it has its downfalls when you just want to CHILL.
The "Laura" is a Dolman style shirt so it is very forgiving. and it comes in a variety of fun colors. I paired it with cut offs but it could easily be dressed up with a pair of white skinnies.  
I am down to 2 weeks of school.  Even though I am teaching summer school, I am still excited for the school year to come to a close.  The girls are ready to be done and I want them to enjoy the sunshine!
I'm really enjoying being a style ambassador, I think I found my calling!  La Señorita Jolie appealed to me because their name is a mixture of Spanish and French and well you know how I feel about those languages!  Not to mention they have so many versatile pieces that travel well.  Languages/Travel/Fashion...
si por favor.
Feel free to check out more styles here.

Palms and Poms...

Happy Monday to all! 
With 17 days till the semester ends, I am feeling a beachy vibe.
Time to take out everything palm trees and pom poms.  
Being the mother of a POMeranian leads me to believe I pretty much started the POM POM trend! HA!  Ok maybe not, but there's nothing like a Pom Pom to lift your mood, furry or otherwise!
This little Kendra Scott beauty is my go to piece for summer white outfits.

If you can't add clothes to your wardrobe right now, just add a few summer accessories to brighten up your look.  I've picked a few similar pieces below.
What item would you add to your wardrobe?

Try it Tuesday : Citron

It's only Tuesday but I am already eyeing the weekend. I love my job but like  mentioned in my last post.  I want to chill.  I did not take last summer off and have taught for 12 months in a row. When I am feeling low, I turn to happy colors to lift my mood.  Enter Citron, le coleur de jour.  I'm going to admit I feel a little loud when I wear these pants but that's what spring is all about, happy bright colors.

Mine are from CAbi's last spring season but this color is still going strong in 2017.  You can add another pop of color like the look Madewell created above or do your own twist.
And in keeping with the Spirit of Citron, start and end your day with Easy Peasy.  I just love the sweet mint and lemon fragrance which screams SPRING IS HERE!

What are you trying this Tuesday?

Spring Fever...

It's been a glorious spring so far here in SoCal.  Sunny skies, highs in the 70s, which means it's time for white denim and sleeveless shirts.  I went for the basic, white and navy blue combo.  I can't wait wear to wear more spring/summer clothes.  I feel more like myself.
If you are a long time reader, you probably know I wear white year round. I just love it.  In fact I wore white denim overalls for Thanksgiving as seen here.  White makes me feel free and clean.  
One of the hardest things about my job  (fashion-wise) is having to wear dress shoes everyday, especially because Vans are a staple in my wardrobe. I feel teachers should get a pass as far as footwear since we are on our feet all day.  I personally never get to really sit at my desk.  I am always circling the classroom, making sure my girls are on task etc.  And then there's traffic duty and lunch duty, you see what I mean?  We should be able to wear comfy shoes, right?  I got to wear this pair at school this week during the Freshmen retreat.  Whenever we get "free dress" I am all about it.  In fact I snuck in my white overalls during sprit week.  It's funny because I went to a private school for high school and it was all about pushing the limits with the uniform dress code and I find myself doing the same now at work.
I think I just have Spring fever and I'm tired of wearing my dark pants and dress shirts.  I just want to plaaaaaaaay!  For now, walks with the boys will do.  Thank goodness spring break is in two weeks.