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Summer White accessories...

This summer I have had these python white sandals and small clutch on repeat.  Believe it or not this python pattern goes with everything.  The clutch can be worn as a belt bag NOT to be confused with a fanny pack people!  I took this cutie bag to Hawaii and up and down the Vegas Strip.  It held my phone, cards and lip balm, which is all you need for a night out. 
 I was too busy enjoying Cirque du Soleil and Waikiki to take some decent pics, but you get the idea...
 The best part about this bag is that it is inexpensive, only $32 bucks which is a steal if you think about cost per wear.  
All they had to do is show me this white jean outfit and I was in.  The Pom Pom sandals are also adorable and available.   Let's face it there is still a bit of summer left to wear cute sandals.  
One of the things I love about avon is that it is always on trend.  When it comes to trendy items, their price points are up my alley. If you want to check out some more avon summer pieces, check out Word of Alicia's post here.
What are your go-to summer pieces this season?

LSJ style : Sydney...

 No, I am not being attacked by crustaceans, just hanging out in Venice.  B and I love coming out for the First Fridays each month because it is food truck heaven.  This time I stuck to eating my people's food : Pupusas
They were amazing and then I made my way over to Salt and Straw and had some Lavender Ice Cream.
 As I mentioned in my last post, it's been hot and unexpedtedly humid here in LA so I wore the Sydney from LSJ and paired it with my softest and holiest jeans.
 This top is versatile.  I've worn it with the Matilda skirt from my last post and also with pants.  The color is a soft neutral so it can add an elevated feel to anything including my ripped jeans.  I'm looking a little sloppy here because this is after I made my way up and down chowing on Abbot Kinney.  
We like to keep it real here on sealaura :)

I am in teacher meetings all day today but I am still enjoying every last bit of summer.  How about you?  
What are your last hurrahs for summer?

LSJ Style : Matilda...

Happy August!  
The last 2 weeks B and I have been on the move.  We went to Hawaii which was amazing (did you follow us on IG?)  and then to Las Vegas so see my family and Cirque de Soleil. Today is my official last day of vacation, I go back to work this week and then classes officially start next week.
Of course I have mixed feelings, I love being at home and having some more Laura time but I also love the fall.  
Speaking of fall, I just received  the Matilda skirt from La SeƱorita Jolie's fall capsule.  It is the perfect transitional piece.  Since it is black, you can dress it up or add a tank for a casual vibe.  The material is soft and flowy.  I found it perfect for the nice humid heat wave we are having in LA.  It has felt more like D.C., thankfully it's not too bad here by the coast.
Sandals from CAbi find similar ones here
 While I was in Hawaii I picked up these new Erika shades from Ray Ban.  I love them.  Of course being in SoCal I have a bunch of sunnies but not too many fancy ones.  They are very light.  I am a firm believer than when you find the right piece you should go for it because who knows if you will find it again.  They have a bunch of nice frames and lenses for this style so check them out if you likey.
Well darlings, I gotta write my syllabi and think of some fun first day of school activities. 
Are you getting ready for fall where you are?

Savasana to the rescue...

Today I woke up with a lot of anxiety.  
I am a very easy going person but there are times when I feel very overwhelmed.  So I immediately drank a lot of water, took out my yoga mat, and turned on my diffuser.  

I have been doing the 3 week Yoga retreat and decided to do a stretching video. I figured if my blood flowed more freely then maybe I would release the tension I was feeling.  The relief was not immediate but it helped me so much.  I struggled through some of the poses but when the practice arrived to Savasana (corpse pose) I was ready.
Below is my take away from this morning's practice.

Represents a death of the old to allow for a rebirth of the new
It's an Opportunity to exhale anything we don't want to bring with us
If you are holding on to things that no longer serve you, then release it.
If we are still hanging on to what is old, we have no space for the new and exciting
It only continues to exist because you continue to think about it.

After my practice, I enjoyed a smoothie and went forward feeling lighter.
Even if you have never done yoga, I highly encourage you to take some time out of your day for Savasana.
How do you overcome anxiety?

Chambray all day...

Buenos dias lovelies, hope you had a fab weekend.  It was pretty low key around here.  Pretty much just running errands and lounging at home.  For days like these I like a "one and done outfit".  I got this Vintage Wash Denim dress from mark. By avon and it's been a great piece to throw on and instantly be ready to walk the dogs, go to the post, or the grocery store. 

I decided to personalize it a bit so I cut off the sleeves and hemmed the raw edges because I am a shortie.  I loved the raw edges so maybe i will DIY it a bit more now that it's shorter.  I might also have to take it in a bit but I like that it's a tad loose because it adds to my comfort level.

I might not look as darling as the model below but it is hot here in LA people!

I love it with the sandals but I gave mine more of a sporty vibe with my vans.
Chambray dresses are a nice option for summer and the lace up trend is everywhere.
source : pinterest
source : IG

Fellow blogger Alicia from Word of Alicia took hers to the lake.

This time of year calls for easy pieces that can travel and are versatile.
What does your one and done piece look like?