Do you have your beach bag ready?  I have my beach accoutrements ready and this weekend with the start of summer I am reorganizing my  bag so that I don't forget anything.  Don't get me wrong, I still like to keep it kinda minimal because we tend to do a lot of walking here in Hawaii.  Lately these items are a must in my bag:

1.  a hat - the sun is no joke here

2.  sunglasses - again the sun is no joke here.  It is super bright and powerful and when you don't have them you will probably buy a cheap pair somewhere to survive.

3.  sunscreen- duh! But make sure you get one that does not harm the coral reefs!

4. a good book - because I love all things France I have this one with me, which I spotted a woman at the airport reading

5.  a comb-  even though I love beach hair, I like to look semi decent if we pop in on any of the beach shops.

6.  a clutchthis cute one from India Hicks works well to hold your phone, ID, keys so you can go for happy hour and still look cute and beachy.  I like that in any bag, I can count on the important items being safe in the clutch.

7.  swim shoes-  for when you hit a rocky beach and don't want to mess up your feet

8.  IH extraordinary oil - this oil is great for everything, moisturizing your cuticles and also taming your fly aways or crazy beach hair in my case.  

If you are looking for a bag to carry all your beach items check out the India Hicks Eleuthera Tote.  It is wipeable, washable, durable and adorable!  
Today, if you buy the Eleuthera Tote in Stone, you will get a cute beetle bag to go with!

So now all that is left is getting in the car and going!!
Have a great weekend!