I have been on a minimalism journey for about a year now and this piece has made the cut for sentimental reasons and a practical one, because it fits!  B and I get rid of stuff each time we move and this last move to Hawaii has made us become super light.  
When I was younger I wanted a big 2 story house with a nice yard and even dreamt of a huge closet.  But now as an adult I realize it does not fit my lifestyle so I am trying to live and dress for the life I actually have.

This dress is an oldie but a goodie if you are a long time reader you might even recognize it.  It's my wedding dress.  Nothing fancy just a little white linen dress.    
I am trying to keep my wardrobe to neutrals and light fabrics.  
Here is why:
1.  It will make getting dressed easier

2.  Hawaii is hot and light fabrics are a must

3.  I love the clean crisp look

If you are interested in dressing for the life you actually have, try putting on your clothes every once in a while and see if you feel good in the outfit.  This morning I put on a dress that I thought I loved but after realizing that I felt blah in it, it had to go.  I am sticking to pieces that make me feel good.
How about you?