Some say that minimalism can be a tool to finding freedom.  I have definitely felt liberated since getting rid of many of my items before the big move to Hawaii.  My next step is streamlining my wardrobe so I don't agonize in the mornings over what to wear.  Like most women I found myself with lots of clothes but nothing to wear.  And now my goal is to have less pieces and more options.  
This white shirt has been heavy in my rotation as I try to create a more minimal look this fall.  Long time readers know that wearing white is one of my favorite looks.  Yesterday was my first day at work at my new job and since it was just teacher meetings, I went casual.  I am trying to stick to solid pieces that I can mix and match and hopefully soon I can really do the 10 X10 capsule.  The 10x10 capsule challenge was created by Style Bee in an effort to get creative with 10 pieces from one's wardrobe.  I am eager to try this challenge but first I am trying to gather and organize my basic pieces.  
I've been wearing this top like crazy because it goes with just about everything.  It can also be worn as a tunic, so that helps with the versatility.  I've worn it with cut off jeans but regular jeans will do the trick during the work week.  The embroidered neckline adds a little something special to this basic look.  
Lastly, I will be adding a pair of birks to most of my island work looks because I can finally get away with it!   
Do you think you could make 10 pieces work for 10 days?