The weekend is here and that means I have to be ready to go in a jiffy.  One of the ways that I avoid driving my husband crazy is by figuring out my beach accoutrements beforehand and then packing my bag as seen here

As a woman I get the whole thing about not wanting to wear a bathing suit until your body looks amazing.  But now that I've gotten older, I just work with what I've got, because I am lucky to have it AND live in Hawaii.  I bought this tropical bikini when the possibility of living here first popped up and it was kinda like my lucky charm.  I have some one pieces but the bikini is so clutch when you are traveling.  We do a lot of exploring and something the baño is not always available so you have to be creative and sneak in to all sort of places.   Therefore tugging at a one piece is just not an option when you are on the go.

Back to the whole beach body thing, when I first started my blog one commenter sweetly left me a comment saying to save my pics because I would treasure them when I was older.  Now that it has been 10 years of my blog, I realize that yeah... I am glad I posted some pics of myself even though I might not have felt the cutest and by no means am I an IG model or influencer.  I write this blog as my legacy for........ I don't know who... since I wasn't blessed with kiddos.... But for those of you that keep up with me, this is for YOU.

I guess the moral of the story is not to wait for the perfect body, perfect day, perfect life.  I have to remind myself of this a lot.  Sometimes the way we see ourselves is so different than the way others see us, for better or for worse.

Anywho, I hope you get outdoors this weekend and go on an adventure big or small it does not matter and make sure to take pics of yourself having fun!!