Most people struggle with Mondays so a mala is a good way to amp up your good vibes.  I love all the tassel necklace around this season and here in Sedona, they are around year round and everywhere.  


Mondays also call for a new mani and now that summer is unofficially over, I brought out a dark shade for the week.  I love greys and this dark grey is nice and glossy.  It looks kind of black in the pics, but I guess that's why I also love it.  It's dark but not toooooo dark.  I know matte colors are big this fall but I am still on the glossy and shiny bandwagon.
If you are not ready to go dark yet, get yourself a colorful mala.  I found a few for only $34 bucks!
How do you keep positive vibes on Mondays?