Moving to Hawaii meant a huge life and wardrobe change. I bought this skirt with the hopes of wearing it for Christmas and even though I did not get to do that, I kept it.  My purging before the move was rigorous but I felt that this baby had potential.
 Although most people dress pretty informally I still personally need to add a little touch to my isle style.  When it comes t o my hair, the frizziness is something I am just going to have to accept.  I feel that Not showing you those imperfections would be deceitful as far as how life is here, haha!
This skirt is definitely a keeper because it is flowy and super lightweight.  Not to mention, you can't help but feel great when you wear gold.  I am dying to pair it with the perfect white tee and also with a white dress shirt.  I am still on the hunt for those tops so for now the black top will do.  
How would you style this skirt?