Hey there!
I’m Laura!
I was born in El Salvador and raised in Los Angeles, I consider myself a  California girl. My love for travel and the beach is what led me to start sealaura.  Some of you may be long time followers or maybe you landed here on a random Google search.  Over the last 10 years I have made 8 moves from California to Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, back to California and now Hawaii. I love the beach, animals and mangos.  Read on to learn more!
I began the journey of a lifetime when I came to the USA at the age of 6 years old.  Unfortunately, at the same time I was diagnosed with cancer on my face and not too long after the first surgery, the cancer returned.   I never identified with being different, in fact I’m pretty confident.  I attribute this to a great doctor and to all the people that supported me during those formative years.
We are all on a path of self-discovery and through my health struggles and moves I have learned to live and survive.  Although I did not set out to be a World Languages Teacher, it has saved me and allowed me to land on my feet and pay the bills wherever I have landed. 
These moves are not easy or fun all the time, they have challenged me.  Living far away from loved ones and having to start over often has kept me on my toes and taught me not to get too comfortable or complacent with my skill set.  I have also been rewarded by seeing so much beauty and enjoying so many adventures with my supportive husband “B” and our boys León and Newman (Norman R.I.P.)

Thanks for following our beach and life adventures.