Meet Leo!

Hola, Happy Monday!   If you follow us on IG or FB you know, that we have a new member of the family.  Leon Salvador Davis or "Leo" for short has been with us for one week.  He is now 12 weeks old and a bundle of fun!

While the Fall is not an ideal time to get a puppy for us, we did it.  I am super busy with a new job at a new school but I was really missing an extra furry guy in my life. So we adopted Leo.  Believe me I do not have the time or energy to train a new pup, but as we all know you have to make time for the things that matter to you.
We wanted a dog that was happy and smiled like our sweet Norm used to do and Leo fit the bill.  It's been so hard without Norman in our lives, to say the least.  Of course, we are not replacing him, there will always be only one Norm and I still miss him immensely.

One of my favorite things about Leo is that he has Normie's spunk and flare.  He is a ball of energy and he has that SMILE.  We took him to the beach yesterday for the first time and he had the time of his life.
You might be wondering how Newman is handling his new brother.  Well, he is not a fan of Leo.  They basically lead separate lives even though Leo is desperate for his big brother's attention.  I don't know whether Newman will learn to love Leo or if he will just always do his own thing.  If he continues to just do Newman time, I am ok with it.  B and I are working really hard to let Newm know he is our special chug and at the top when it comes to the canine chain of command at our house.