Even when you live in paradise there are those moments of “What do you want to do?” I went and Googled a few options for a quick Sunday outing and we ended up at Manulele Distillers in Kunia here on Oahu.  It is a very small operation but a nice little surprise for us, since we are still getting to know all the nooks and crannies of the island.  We took the tour, which is rather teeny but since we are newbies and got the local discount we decided to partake.  I am always game to learn what goes on behind the scenes of a business.

The tour guide, showed us their farmland where they grow lettuce and supply it to the local restaurants and hotels.  

She also explained the different kind of sugar canes and la pièce de resistance was of course the tasting.

Full disclosure :  I found the clear Rum to be super strong that it scared me off from drinking the rest of the tasting.  B enjoyed the dark rums which were the cocoa and honey rums.  I am a fan of Rum drinks but drinking it pure was not my jam.

Either way, it was nice to go to the middle of the island and check out new territory.  The views were super pretty and I love when I can figure out all the roads and how they connect.

The tasting takes place in their store where you can find gifts, such as coffee, chocolates, apparel and Rum of course! 

If you have a weekend and want to get off the typical tourist destinations, this is a cute little place to visit.  I think the whole tour and tasting was about an hour.  Because it was off the beaten path, the tours are small and when we went, there weren’t too many people.  I liked that it was not a tourist trap but rather a place to learn about the entrepreneurial ways of this company along with some history about the land.