Although it does get hot here, I do love me some white jeans.  I took an old pair and raw hemmed them.  It took 5 minutes and now they are part of my summer uniform.  Another reason why I'm digging these jeans is because they can protect me from the mosquitos when I walk the boys.  I haven't had too many issues here so far, but we take the boys to the park often and the bugs are plentiful there.

To give the jeans a little extra detail, I left the back part longer than the front, just like the ones you will find in all the stores now.  I have really been trying to wear what I have or re-invent here on Oahu.  Hence, my "new" pair of raw hems....
I am still sorting through my stuff, it has been a long process.  It does feel good to have less.  
I've also dusted my Octopus Sea Bag Courier Bag and have been using it to run errands.  
I prefer bags that are light and can pack a lot.  Since this one is made of sails, it fits the bill.  
So this is what I really wear on the daily, I want to be honest and show you what a real Hawaii residents wears around town.  In fact I threw this on quickly because I had to run to the post office.  WhenI got there, I discovered they open at 10am, so instead of going back home, I did an impromptu blog shoot.  This is not my cutest look but it is the real sealaura dans la vie quotidienne.
What is your current summer uniform?