Happy Monday!!  I've been back in Profesoraville for one week and so far so good.   I am still trying to find my stride.  I am teaching  3 preps which is not bad at all but I do have 5 classes in a row on most days.  So far I've been waking up at 4am to get my act together even though my commute is only 10 minutes (in LA.... I know!!!!).   As I've mentioned, this job is a lot more formal.  Unlike my last school where we went by first names, I am now Profesora Davis.

 Adding pink to olive green is my way of adding a feminine touch to this military look.  I am now teaching at an all girl where they have an uniform and I must say I am still trying to figure mine out.  At my last job, I could wear whatever I wanted but now we have a lot of guidelines, which I appreciate because we are role models for these young women.  However, I will never wear heels, no gracias.  I wore a pair of heels to my niece's wedding this past summer and I almost died.
What are your go to looks right now?