Sweet Marie from Emma Calls me Mama invited me for an heirloom party over at her blog. I struggled a bit thinking of what I could share since I immigrated to the US rather suddenly when I was six years old. Unfortunately, my dear El Salvador was in the midst of a terrible civil war so my family decided to take a trip to the US for a vacation to Disneyland. As you probably guessed, we never went back, the war continued for many years. Anyway, due to these circumstances I don't really have any heirlooms. Neverthless, I decided to participate in Marie's heirloom party by sharing about my Carribean Hook Bracelet. You might remember that post. This whole topic of heirlooms has made me a little pensive. Latin Americans are known for having big family traditions and customs but in my case, I have to start all of the traditions and acquire all those future heirlooms on my own (yay! more reason to shop!). I do hope one day I can share some of my jewelry or "vintage" clothes from the 90s (HAHA!) with my nieces or maybe I might be lucky enough to have my own kids someday. Don't get weepy dolls! It's ok. It's time to celebrate! So hop on over to Marie's party and share your special pieces!