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How about an Heirloom party?

Sweet Marie from Emma Calls me Mama invited me for an heirloom party over at her blog. I struggled a bit thinking of what I could share since I immigrated to the US rather suddenly when I was six years old. Unfortunately, my dear El Salvador was in the midst of a terrible civil war so my family decided to take a trip to the US for a vacation to Disneyland. As you probably guessed, we never went back, the war continued for many years. Anyway, due to these circumstances I don't really have any heirlooms. Neverthless, I decided to participate in Marie's heirloom party by sharing about my Carribean Hook Bracelet. You might remember that post. This whole topic of heirlooms has made me a little pensive. Latin Americans are known for having big family traditions and customs but in my case, I have to start all of the traditions and acquire all those future heirlooms on my own (yay! more reason to shop!). I do hope one day I can share some of my jewelry or "vintage" clothes from the 90s (HAHA!) with my nieces or maybe I might be lucky enough to have my own kids someday. Don't get weepy dolls! It's ok. It's time to celebrate! So hop on over to Marie's party and share your special pieces!


Sares said...

Great bracelet! I'm sure the future generation will love it. I'm glad to hear your family made it to the US safely, but sad to hear you had to leave your homeland. I'm sure many future heirlooms await you in your future and you're right, it's a good excuse to SHOP!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Love the bracelet and I love your writing style. I like the idea of shopping for future heirlooms. Sign me up.

drollgirl said...

oh, i am so glad you escaped the civil war in el salvador. i hope the u.s. has been good to you? i am a dork and always worry about that.

and i LOVE that bracelet. it is just beautiful!

Marie said...

Hello sweet Laura - what a NEAT bracelet! And I love the matching ring. Such a sweet story behind the meaning of it too. I wouldn't take it off either! Great reminder of your time spent there.

Thank you for joining me for the party!


Mimi said...

Nice story! I love learning about peoples histories.

On a side... my hubby wears the heck out of his hook bracelet. You really aren't "local" 'til you wear one.

MissBliss said...

love your story...

when I was ten we went to visit my grandmother in a different state and never went home...can relate a bit there...

my niece and nephew are fascinated by all I do online; your blog is a future heirloom!!!

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

I agree with MissBliss, your blog is a future heirloom! As a genealogist, finding tidbits of information on the daily lives of my ancestors is a real treat. Our blogs will give them such insight into the things that were of interest to us. I save copies of my favorite posts to a special folder on an external hard drive for this very reason. I have another folder where I save my thoughts on events that are taking place here and around the world. These are the things I would like to know about my ancestors and I'm hoping future generations of my family will find them a real treasure.

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Laura, nice piece of jewelry my love. Have a great week.

Maya said...

Interesting story! I've got no heirlooms at all..., I guess I was never much interested in my family with the exception of my sister.