Anyone who loves fashion, will enjoy getting this behind the scenes look at how "THE" september issue comes to life. The September Issue is an interesting film that centers around the legendary Anna Wintour's decision making process for what "makes" the issue. Although Ms. Wintour is a central part of this film, I was happily surprised to learn more about Vogue's creative director Grace Coddington. Ms. Coddington lives us to her first name. She shows tremendous grace in dealing with Ms. Wintour's frigid demeanor. Even though Ms.Wintour's "cold" personality has been a popular subject as parodied in the book and later in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, this film actually makes her seem more appealing. Sure she may not be a "sweetheart" but at the end of the day, so what! Not everybody has to be a perfect doll. This film shows the constant decisions that she has to make in order to run Vogue, can you imagine? In that process undoubtedly feelings will get hurt and egos will be bruised but who else is going to make those calls if not the editor and how on earth would the issue ever go to press? I would probably be the last person to excuse cold, frigid, behavior but I also feel that there is more to Ms. Wintour than what is portrayed in the media, through gossip, legend etc. In the film, the relationship between Ms. Coddington and Ms. Wintour reminded me of a sister relationship. Sisters that love each other but never show it. Sisters that respect each other, but like to push each others buttons. For a peek into this luxurious, creative world, this film will not dissapoint.