Happy Monday everyone! I have been wanting to do this post for a while but my school life took over. Nevertheless I am back with this beautiful Neptune Pool from my recent trip to the Hearst Castle. Don't know about you, but all I could think of when I heard Hearst was Patty and then of course the family's connection to publishing. B and I decided to visit this famous castle and find out more about the Hearst Family.I recommend that you take an early tour. B and I went at 9:30 am on a Sunday and pretty much had a private tour of the place--> AMAZING!!! They have 3 to choose from but tour A is recommended for the novice visitor (us!). For $48, we had a 1 hour and 1/2 tour of the main house, some guest quarters, gorgeous gardens and this glorious pool. FYI they also have evening tours that recreate the glamourous parties that Mr. Hearst held in the 1930s with all of his Hollywood friends. Mr. Hearst was an avid collector of all things fab, SERIOUSLY! And one of the unique features of this pool are the four 17th century bas-reliefs on the sides of the collonades. Another pretty cool thing about this pool is that every so often they have a pool party for the staff. Can you imagine, taking a dip in this pool that once hosted the likes of Charlie Chaplin? Well I am off to my 8 o'clock class (yay!) so I hope you have enjoyed this very mini-tour. I only got your pinky toe wet, because there is so much more to see and enjoy at this beautiful castle.