You've moved to a new city, now what?  Once the excitement and magic surrounding your impending move is gone, you have to deal with the actual living part of your new life.  I've been on Oahu for 1 month now and I have spent a bit of it standing in line.  

Yep, standing in line.  Why you ask?  Because as much as I would like to hang out by the beach and listen to podcasts all day I have to adult a bit.  Below is my adulting for the past month and also my recommendations of things to get done once you arrive in your new town.

1.  Establish care with new doctor.  
In my case, I got the dreaded pap test, and mammogram done.  I set up the appointments months before my arrival so when I got here, I could go and get it taken care of.  Not to mention, it takes months to get in to most doctors.  I have had my blood drawn and walked back and forth for all sorts of check ups but I am glad I got it done now, and not while I am navigating my new job.  Also if a medical emergency comes up you will be glad to know you have someone you can call.

2.  Get a new driver's license.
As much as I did not want to give up my California license, I had to take off the bandaid quickly. You can make an appointment or stand in line like I did.  They give you a temporary one here and the real one comes in a month or so.  I feel more established knowing I will have a Hawaii driver's license.

3.  Check in with new employer
By the grace of God I managed to land a job here.   During Spring Break I stalked people on Linkedin and tadaaaaaaa I got a new gig.  I had heard horror stories about the lack of job opportunities in Hawaii and was ready to  do anything but I got lucky and will be back to teaching French and Spanish.

4.  Become familiar with the lay of the land.
Over the past month I have become familiar with the Bus System.  I have taken the bus to doctor's appointments and to my new school.  Riding the bus has allowed me to take in the streets and layout of our side of the island without feeling tense that I was going to get lost. I liked looking out the window and getting familiar with landmarks and seeing how the towns connected.  I love the feeling of familiarity that I have gained over the past month.  It decreases my anxiety to know where things are located.

5.  Get to know the people at the Post Office.
You will want to make sure your mail is being forwarded and it is also an important place to know.  I've made a few trips to the Post and it has resulted in some nice conversations with the clerks including a recommendation for a Hair Stylist.  When I go there now, they greet me and we catch up on our last mini-convo.  I know that may just apply to my sweet  post office in Kapolei.  But walking over there has increased my familiarity with my new town.

6.  Take a class or join a gym
B and I have been going to Bikram Yoga.  I hate going and it is not that fun during hot yoga but I like the feeling after the class is over.  I also like the routine of the 26 poses and knowing I HAVE to go and get out of my comfort zone because I paid for it.  More than anything I find comfort in familiarity and if it includes some calorie burning, even better.

This is my take on some key things to do when you arrive to your new state.  Mind you B had moved to Hawaii 6 months before me, so he took care of setting up the utilities etc.  While he is a bit more settled, I still have to find MY way around here.  

Let me know what you think of my list and if there is anything you would you like to know about my moves.