Filipino Cultural Center
I pass this on the way to work.
Hey guys, I popped in to my new teaching gig in Waipahu. Since we are a one car family and I hate driving, I am determined to make public transportation work. I am happy to report, the bus system in Hawaii is pretty darn good. I get let off near the old Waipahu sugar plantation and walk about 3 long blocks to my new school.

Things I have personally learned about getting to work:

1. Carry a handkerchief
Even when it is cool, you will be sweaty by the time you stop walking to your location.

2. Give yourself time to catch your breath and get cleaned up before a work meeting. The humidity is real people.
I had a meeting yesterday and planned accordingly but still I felt like a sweaty mess. Of course if you don't have to walk anywhere you are golden!

3. Carry a very light rain jacket or umbrella.
Personally I prefer to cary my Patagonia Houdini jacket because it folds up nicely and is suuuuper lightweight.

4. Always carry a water bottle and a snack.
It is so hot and everything is soooooooooo expensive!! I always have a bottle and a chia bar in case of snack emergencies. Yesterday I decided to treat myself and got the SMALL Acai bowl for $11.50. It was good but dangggggg those are Dubai prices. Waipahu is kind of a blue collar town and there's not much here. It is very industrial. I seriously can barely afford to eat like I did in LA here. It is soooo expensive. Did I say that already?