It's been a while and I have sooo much to tell you.  
First of all, we are moving to HAWAII!! 
It is indeed a dream come true. B has already moved and I am still in LA finishing out the school year with my students.
When I was in high school I applied to mostly schools in Hawaii and a few in California.  Even though I was accepted I just didn't have the financial means to support that journey. But 20 some years laters and I am on my way to living on Oahu.

As you may recall, B is a scientist and over the years we have moved for jobs for him ( Texas, Nashville, LA)  and for me ( Monterey, Sedona, LA).  When this job popped up we felt it was a longshot because how many chemistry jobs can there be in Hawaii and what are the chances that B would be the one?!  Long story short, we got super lucky!

The down side is that we've been living apart and it is really hard.  I've said this before and I will say it again, I don't know how military wives do it.  It will be 8 months for us and that seems like an eternity.

But back to the positive, staying in Los Angeles means I can get the boys through the long process of moving pets to Hawaii.  Hawaii does not have rabies so pets have to go through a long and costly process before they can live on the island.  But we will do anything for our boys Newman and León.

I will be seeing B in 17 days and I can not wait.
Christmas in Hawaii? Am I dreaming?
BTW this month's issue of Coastal Living is all about Christmas in Hawaii, check it out!
Where will you be for Christmas?