As I mentioned in the last post, I am on my own in LA while I wrap up my teaching gig.   While it can be a bit lonely it has also been very empowering.  My current mission is to eat well and declutter. 
I am a pretty good eater but after recently recovering from food poisoning I am definitely treating my body more like a temple.  
ENTER : Avocado toast 
Of course Avocados are a staple in California,  and to me they are a simple but luxurious treat.  
There's nothing revolutionary about this meal, so rather that just scrolling through many avocado toast posts, I make my own.
On another note, living without furniture and most of my possessions has forced me to live a minimalist lifestyle.  I am definitely loving it.  Sure it can be annoying and uncomfortable at times but it is also freeing.  I've been watching many minimalist you tubers and have found that they are a really cool community.
I am definitely not a minimalist but I am  always on a journey of self improvement which is why I love watching these videos.  Currently I have one pot, 2 plates, and a few cups along with my mattress.  But I still have so much more to purge before I leave for Hawaii.  I don't see myself wearing most of my clothes there so I have sold them on Poshmark or just donated them. One thing I have learned is that decluttering and purging is a journey so it has taken me time.
Recently I let go of many teaching materials, old mementos from time past and items that just weighed me down physically and emotionally.  Good bye to old pictures of old relationships, good bye to things I used to cherish.  
But hello to new adventures!
You guessed it, I am focusing on the present.
From a realistic point of view, you can imagine that carting all this stuff from state to state is not cheap.  Just shipping my dogs will cost around $2000.  Can you imagine shipping household goods to Hawaii?
Anyway, I just wanted to check in share with you what it is like behind the scenes.  Remember a lot of social media is the highlight reel.  I hope telling you a little bit  about life behind the scenes is also interesting.
What are you leaving behind in 2017?