I don't know about you but I am feeling all the summer vibes right now.  Starting with the ability to wear comfy casual clothes.  I've missed wearing jeans, especially distressed jeans because they are a "no no" at my workplace.   
We have been in a serious heat wave here in LA but since we were going to the movies I threw this pair of Frankie jeans on.  They are the softest lightweight denim.  Of course there are no shortage of stripes in my closet and even though I try to branch out, I went with a tried and true navy blue and white combo. 
B and I went to see "The Big Sick" and it was such a great movie.  I think everyone in our country should see it because it touches on so many different topics that we all deal with at one point in our lives.  There were soooooo many things I loved about this movie, and as a language teacher the cultural issues alone were so relatable.
Ray Romano and Holly Hunter were gems.  Seeing their take on life was both hilarious and comforting.  Of course the real star is Kumail Najiani. You've probably seen his face everywhere lately but this film is his chef-d'oeuvre.
To see a Pakistani as a lead and as the writer was so energizing.
I love seeing life from a different angle.
I don't want to give it away but basically it is about a Pakistani aspiring comedian who meets a graduate student and the rest you will have to see...
I don't know if being a Californian allows me to have a ton of sandals but I do!
I picked up these babies at Payless.  I got them to try a DIY with pom poms but they are so cute as is.  I might still add a pom or two.  When it comes to trendy items I usually don't like to spend too much money.  These are no longer available but I've selected some options for you below all under 50!  
What are your go to sandals?