The 4th of July Holiday is here can you believe it?
As I mentioned earlier in the week I have been doing a little at home detoxing and DYI spa care.
Part of that spa feel is those scents that can relax us and take us away from the cray.  As I type this I can hear all the cars rushing by my apt along with the fire engines etc.  Funny enough we also have wild parrots here in my neighborhood.  Random Right? Well I try to focus on those tropical aspects when it comes to life in LA
Anyway, today I decided to play around with a new blend for my diffuser.  I had read all over pinterest-land different recipes to create the scent from the Anthropologie stores. I did not have all the exact ingredients like all the cool oiler girls so I made my own.  
sweet orange
For me I think the key is to use a tad of the cedarwood or whatever woodsy scent you like and then equal amounts of the citrus blends.  I think I did like 3 drops.
Scents are such a personal thing that I think you def have to play around with the amounts to see what you like.  I personally love anything citrusy and vanilla and a little peppermint (not all at once!)
For this "anthro" blend I recommend using 2 to 3 drops max of each oil so you don't waste your oils in case you don't like your blend. This probably doesn't even smell like the store! I will have to run down to Santa Monica and find out haha!  But I liked it and it made me happy so that's all that matters.
Wishing you a safe Holiday Weekend!