Happy Monday!  hope you had a great weekend because we did!  We saw The Beguiled on Saturday and loved it.  Sofia Coppola did it again with a nice ensemble of characters that are subtle but captivating.  Coppola's films are not for everyone, but I for one love her perspective.
On Sunday we had an old fashioned day at the beach.  We packed our back packs and headed to water.  It was a gorgeous day with the bluest sky.  If you follow us on IG, which you should, you probably saw my little video.  I know when  I lived in the midwest, I would crave the sounds of the ocean so I capture them often.
Today is my first official start of summer vacation and I am so thrilled.  I have not been able to stop and really chill since I moved back to LA, last summer.  Last Friday I taught my last class of an AP Spanish workshop and I am now free til August. I decided to start the week with a little Spa Day at home.  I am trying this 3 Day Refresh from Beachbody which one of my student's parents gifted me.  I already drink and depend on the shakes to get me through the school days and now that I have the focus and time I had to try it.
I also put these oils into my diffuser to really create that peaceful energy and it smells amazing.  I am not loyal to any particular brand but I really do enjoy making my home smell inviting and relaxing.  
Lastly, I brewed some of this tea and chilled it so I could drink it after my shower.
The curtains are drawn and it is nice and cool in my apartment because the reality is that it is MEGA hot outside and not peaceful at all.  But that is city life for you.  
I am so grateful for this day.  I highly recommend that you do this for yourself with whatever little luxuries you have at home.  So worth it.  For the extra spa feel, I asked ALEXA to play spa music and she did not disappoint.  I'm really liking that girl more and more.
How do you relax at home?