Is anybody still here?  So much has happened in the last 2 years.  My blogging has been spotty due to dedicating myself to teaching at an International Boarding school in Sedona.  Those two years were full of lots of professional growth but I always knew I had to find my way back to California.  As soon as graduation ended in Sedona, I got in the UHaul and moved to Los Angeles, where it all began.  
It seemed like everything was too good to be true with all the pieces to the puzzle falling together in just the right places.  Then on June 17 my sweet baby Norman passed away unexpectedly.   If you continue to follow us on FB and IG, you know how difficult this has been.  Norm meant the world to me.  He was the baby I never got to have.  He was my constant companion and best friend.
Luckily or unluckily I started my new teaching job as soon as I got in to LA so it has been a super busy summer with lots of highs but bittersweet without my Norm.  Still I can not complain because we have been incredibly lucky.  We live about 3 miles from the beach and after living 6 months apart (due to jobs) B and I are living in the same state with our sweet Newman.  
It's hard to accept that death is part of life and that every ending is also a new beginning.  But we are grateful for all we have and all we've been through and especially for all the adventures we are able to enjoy as a family.
I am excited to get back to blogging now that my job is not a 24 hour endeavor.  So if you are still here, reading this, I'd love to have you follow us on this new chapter of sealaura.

With Gratitude, 
Laura, Newman and Bryce