¡Hola!  If you follow us on FB, you know that we have spent the last few days in Roatan, Honduras.  This is our big summer vacay and it is just lovely.  We left Sedona on Sunday, dropped off the boys in Las Vegas and made our way to Roatan. 
Day #1
We landed around noon and then were met by a lovely gent who took us to our Airbnb rental.  But before we headed to our Eco-Cottage, we stopped at ELDON's for some groceries.  In case you are wondering they currency is LEMPIRAS and you can pay with dollars or Lempiras, just be aware that the locals won't always have change for large bills.
we enjoyed a nice relaxing meal at the Lighhouse Restaurant. We were exhausted so it was just what we needed but now that we are a little more relaxed, I have to say it is not a must stop.
Last night we ate at a Rotisserie Chicken place for about 5 bucks a pieces and that was more our style.  They cook their rice with Coconut so I am in heaven!!
Day #2
We took a water taxi for $3 bucks piece from West End to West Bay Beach.  We were dropped off at the Infinity Resort which is supposed to be the swankiest place here.  
Here is what I liked about it:  there was security galore.  I definitely felt safe here.  
They have lovely chairs which you can chill at as long as you buy a drink.  B and I bought some drinks and enjoyed the resort life for a few hours.
Here's why we aren't staying at a place like this:
First of all hello! we are teachers.  I rather spend my dinero on the actual trip than fancy amenities.
Secondly it was Americans galore being super American, vaping away (electronic cigarettes), and being super loud and touristy.   Not to mention this is where the cruise ship crowd flocks to, so hasta luego! 

We made our way back to West End via a regular taxi ($5 bucks, you should not pay more than this).  After making friends with some local fishermen, we were able to buy some Tuna and Wahoo for about $3 a pound.  Can you believe it!!  And it was delicious!  We have a hotplate at the cottage and that was all we needed.  In some ways, we are eaing better here than in the States.  Seafood is not cheap in Sedona!
Our plan was to initially pay to go on a little expedition, but then we realized our money would go further if we lurked after the more affluent folks came back from their fishing expeditions.  This one family caught A TON!!!  Still we had to be kind of subtle about this purchase if you know what I mean....
Aside from Jambo (the cat that comes with our rental, see pics on IG) there are many island dogs, so cute but you have to be careful because they can be a little cranky!
Before I run out of WIFI time I want to tell you that our Internet is pretty much non-existent so I have to sneak it in here and there.  And by sneak I mean buy a mojito or local beer Salvavidas  to use the internet.  To stay more up to date with us please follow us on FB and or Instagram