So the only little snafoo we have come across is having no water.  YUP, that means no showers and no going número dos...sensitive readers: look away!  We were ready to encounter little situations like this, so we are trying to take it in stride.  We thought the water was back so I lathered up my hair and then.... just kidding! NO AGUA!  I grabbed a pitcher from the kitchen and tried to get the lavender mint shampoo I was so excited to use on my hair that had it's most recent wash in Vegas, right before we left.  BUT this is part of the adventure.  RIGTH?!  I walked down to a dive shop (by the way dive shops here are like Starbucks back in LA) and they have offered to let us shower there is the situation does not get fixed.  But I think I can go a few more days without a proper shower, we are chilling in the ocean anyway.
In case you are wondering how the mosquito situation is here.  It is not too bad.  But that being said, bring your Repellant down here because it is a MASSIVE luxury.  I stocked up on AVON skin so soft and I also made a Lemon/Eucalyptus Oil spray to keep the critters away.  I wish I would have brought more anti-itch cream but I will just ration it, ha ha!  It's also not just mosquitos but no-seeums and God knows what other little creatures.  Nevertheless, compared to other islands I have been to, its not bad.  
This is the view from one of the angles of our cottage.  I have spent the afternoons reading here (by the way The Paris Wife is a great book!) and JAMBO the cat has also spent the mornings here watching me read.
It is really nice and breezy, even with the high humidity, you can barely feel it here.  I am so glad!!
The only way we could come down here was to find lodging for our very low travel budget, so we opted for no AC.  AGAIN, not a big deal but if you have ever traveled to the tropics, you know sometimes you feel like you will turn into a puddle.
ok, hasta pronto.  Let me know if you have any questions about Roatan.  Check the sealaura facebook page for more up to the minute updates.