Oh nothing... just strolling around the desert in a black tye dye maxi à la Stevie Nicks. 
What have you been up to?
Truthfully this week has been a tough one, with wrapping up the school year, attending events, putting together events, and trying to get some packing done I've almost gone crazy.  
But as always, it will all get done, you just have to keep moving.
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As I mentioned every evening we've had a presentation or a nice dinner for the kids here at VVS.  I wore this tye dye skirt by Winnie and Kat for the Faculty and Senior Dinner.  

This skirt is so soft, I just want to live in it.  I paired it with a loose crochet top and as you can tell it is very flowy and comfy.  Earlier in the day we have a whirlwind of activities so there was nothing I wanted more than to be comfy and EAT! 
this skirt is from last season but if you want a similar one, check out the Nautical maxi (as seen here).
Gotta run, I have to get ready for Baccalaureate and Graduation.
Enjoy your weekend!