We are back from our weekend adventure in Sedona! You were right, Arizona was our destination for a little getaway.  The last time I was out west was for our winter trip to Utah.  Sedona in June is definitely no, Park City in November.   Of course both are beautiful places but I am definitely in awe of Sedona.  As I put together this post, I realized that none of my pictures grasp one ounce of how gorgeous and inspiring this place truly is.  Sedona has a reputation for being scenic and I can understand when people talk about the special energy here.  But for me it was not about a  magnetic vortex, it was about nature and the way it made me feel...so alive.

I have always been drawn to the desert and as we have spent the last 3 years exploring the southern part of the US, I have often reminisced over our fun excursions to Palm Springs and of course our trips to Las Vegas to visit my family.  Yes, it' s hot and yes the sun burns, but the views are unreal.  We knew we would not have nearly enough time to take in all that Sedona has to offer, so no jeep tours for us, nor mega hikes, just walks in the desert and leisurely meals.
I remember the first time I went to the Caribbean, I felt like I couldn't waste one minute not looking at the ocean.  It was the same feeling here, I had to keep looking out and stare at these formations that looked like God had taken some wet sand and let it drip into castle like formations. 
This post won't detail all the places to see in Sedona but I do have to tell you, you must put it on your bucket list.  There are few places in this world that make you stop in your tracks and do some introspection, this is one of them.
What city has made the biggest impression on you?