Hola!  So it's kind of inspiration week here at sealaura.  I was contacted by Julep to share inspiration for a custom nail color.  Of course shades of the lightest turquoise, topped by some sandy gold overtones came to mind.  I started perusing my sealaura files and wanted to share some of the places that give me this kind of vibe and inspiration.  Naturally, my time on St. John came to mind so I have included my favorite shots of the water as well as that golden light I was just telling you about.  I just love that shimmer or glimmer, whatever it is that you get when the light touches the water.  You might be wondering why I have a slimy jelly fish in my mood board.  Well, the thing is I do not see it as a slimy jelly fish.  I was mesmerized by the colors especially against the golden sand.  I met this Portuguese man'o war when I was living in the Texas Tropics.  I had no idea what it was until my friend Stephanie from Odyssey told me.  The Portuguese man'o war is not a common jellyfish which makes it appeal to me even more because for my Julep color I wanted something special.
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What would your custom nail color look like?