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Earrings Banana Republic (old) similar here
 On Wednesday, B and I are headed out on a little adventure and I am sooooo excited, but I've barely started packing, in fact here I am writing about it, haha.  After securing the dog sitter for the boys, bathing the boys and tidying up a bit, I decided it was time.  But unlike a normal person, I started with my accessories.  
MK White Watch (old) similar here , MK Slim Runway Watch
You have to have options right? I'm not a big earring girl but I do like a little sparkle.  Wrap bracelets are still high on my list and I like this one because you can wear silver or gold or both! For this trip I want to be a little low key, so probably layer a few necklaces and bracelets. 
Dream Blue Suede Arizona Birkenstocks
I know these sandals are a little controversial but I love them!  They are called Dream Blue Arizona Suede and they feel just like they sound : d  r  e  a  m  y  !  
I got them from Sierra Trading Post which is a great place for AMAZING deals on shoes.  
Gap Clutch (old) similar here and heremark. Glam and Roll Jewelry Organizer, Silver Aviators (old) similar here
Any guesses where we are headed?  
There is are clue hidden somewhere in this post!


anita said...

love the wrap bracelet (where is it from) and love the sky blue birks...im guessing somewhere colorful...arizona!

Alicia Hessinger said...

I'm guessing AZ as well! Hope you guys have a super fun trip, regardless you'll be doing it in style! LOVING that that clutch perfect companion for the jewelry roll!

Mg Rhoades said...

Super cute, I'd guess Arizona too. Don't melt!

laura Madalene said...

I like your idea of choosing a paint that comes close to the wood. I think that is by far the best solution because it will have a unifying effect, and I think it’ll look bigger than it already is.