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Isle Style : Beach Sweaters

Even though we are still in the 90s here, I still feel the need to have a handy beach sweater for those cool moments by the sea and chilly ACs.    Clearly if you live in a tropical climate like I do you want to avoid heavy fabrics so a light knitted piece is just the thing.  This picture also reminded me to pull out my long necklaces, especially my pearl and wooden bead ones and layer.
source : Free People
You can never go wrong with classic nautical stripes and if you are anything like me you might have a few options to choose from.
source : O'neill

If you are lucky enough to be enjoying a true fall, a long beach sweater can be so cozy.  I like sticking to neutral colors such as beiges and whites.  
source: O'neill

My favorite thing about beach sweaters is feeling the loose fabric drape across my body.  I also love sweaters that have thumb holes which adds to that beachy vibe.  If you are in the market for a new beach sweater check out places like Quiksilver, Pacific SunwearFree People , Billabong, O'neill and your local surf shops.
images via Pinterest
How do you winterize your beach look? 


anita said...

these are good looks for beachy folks! i love that your giving a shout out to surf fashion. its wardrobe staple in these parts!
at wings and waves on daytona beach sunday i saw so many cute surf families, those young mamas know how to rock it. i am too shy to whip my camera out on people..havent mastered that photographers boldness yet! you?

Odyssey Home said...

Cozy selections, and the photos have a certain moodiness of a cool(er) beach day.
With the crazy wind here (quite cooling if you've been in the water), any of these would do nicely for a late afternoon post-swimming cover up.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love the first two sweaters. Do you mind telling me where I can find them?