RayBan Cat Eye sunnies, AE jacket similar here, Shirt similar at Chico's
As an educator for the past 10+ years, fall always signified new beginnings, new friendships and new clothes! I don't exactly have new clothes but thanks to last night's stormy weather  I was able to whip out one of my favorite jackets for my morning walk with the boys.  Truthfully it was more for mosquito protection than a fashion statement but every moment is an opportunity to make a fashion statement right?  Of course a striped tee is essential for a sea lover like myself.  Lastly, I don't think I will ever be able to stop wearing friendship bracelets.  They remind me of my schoolyard days and the excitement of making my own design.  Did you ever tape the string to your desk and knot away hoping your teacher would not catch you?  I did!  As you guys know I do get on my DIY kicks here and there, including last summer .
Yesterday, I had the intentions of baking my first pumpkin pie but I got overwhelmed. Today's cool start to the day is the motivation I needed to get baking. 
I'm off to the kitchen, where are you off to? (and yes I ended a sentence with a preposition BAD TEACHER!)