Fall is known for being hunting season, so we went on a hunt for new places to see in McAllen.  However, living in the land of two summers requires wearing the lightest and most minimal amount of fabric.  Khaki colored shorts and a black tank is one of my usual outfits but there was no way I was going to blend in carrying my green envelope clutch.
Michael Kors MK5249 watch (similar here), mark. ipad clutch
I have a thing for clutches and this one allows me to carry basic essentials (phone, wallet, lip balm, & keys).   Later I can tuck it into a bigger bag with the rest of my stuff but there's no need to bring the whole kitchen sink when you're just going out for a bite to eat or a quick outing.  I tend to always be searching for things in bigger bags so having bags inside of bags helps me stay organized.  But I must be honest, like most girls I just love pocketbooks til no end so that's how I justify my Russian doll bag strategy.
Ray Ban Cat eyes

Have I told you that besides being perpetually hot it is perpetually windy down here in the Tropics?  Well if you've got hair like mine, let me just say no amount of Keratin or Frizz ease will do you any good, so I just don't even try to stop the unrulyness. 
What are you on the hunt for? (ending with another preposition!)