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Breakfast Outside by the sea maybe?

This was my breakfast one day in June on St. John overlooking Klein bay
Good day! How about breakfast outside today?  I love eating al fresco, especially with a beautiful view but truthfully just being outdoors is a refreshing way to start the day.  One of my favorite things to do is take my coffee outside early in the morning.  Those first tranquil moments all to myself are priceless.  Isn't if funny how we do things like enjoy the outdoors when we are on vacay but not when we get home?  Well here's your reminder, step outside people!  You are probably wondering who won the Shorely Chic print so here goes.....
Stephanie is the big winner!  Please contact me at sealaura1@gmail.com with your mailing address etc.  You have until Sunday to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend with a little R&R and some outside time!


missgiven said...

What a nice view!

Sarah B. said...

Love that mug & plate color! The egg looks scrumptious :)

I wont be going outside this weekend, its supposed to be 109 today and 111 tomorrow! ah!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Gorgeous start to a day, eh?!

Nicolle said...

Beautiful photo!

I'm definitely ready for some cooler weather, and some time alone to enjoy my coffee outside again.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

it's Not About Pretty said...

You are so right! I spend 90 percent of my shoot days outside on location, yet when I am home relaxing (and I hate to say this, here by the beach!) I am inside. How dumb is that? Thanks for the awesome reminder (-: xoxo

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Lovely image.
I enjoy having morning coffee outside, too. Not so much lately in this heat, but in a couple of months, it will be nice.
Congrats to the Shorely Chic winners!

Luxx Mint said...

I love early mornings outside, i'd love it even more with a view like that!

Luxx Mint