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Ocee a mon coeur!

 Océé is a brand after my own heart.  Their recent launch of their eco-conscious collection with artist Chaz Ganster and Surf Rider Foundation Europe is a blend of beachy optimism and a true joie de vivre.   Chaz Ganster's  swirly designs are inspired by the ocean and come in a variety of colors and best of all they are unisex. These are the kind of shirts you want to live in all summer and if you live in the land of eternal summer like I do, hey you can wear these all year!

Océé wants to provide an alternative to mass production so they offer their customers the ability to preorder on their Océé site where you will have your choice of print, size and shape.  How fun is that!!

To learn more about Océé and their collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation click here and while you are at it, you can follow them on twitter and Facebook.  A company that creates fun, eco-conscious fashion and helps protect our oceans is pretty darn perfect in my book.  Oh and the fact that they are French, you know how I feel about that...
J'aime Océé beaucoup!


drollgirl said...

well this is so fabulous! and so YOU! i love it! i'm in!!!

cloudia charters said...

ah! Summer

Aloha from Honolulu
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Luxx Mint said...

That first t-shirt is so nice, perfect for summer.

Shame their website lets them down - a password to get into their online store!!

Luxx Mint

Nicolle said...

Pretty shirts. I love these! I also love what you wrote about living in the land of eternal summer. That's so true for you down there in South Texas! Hope you are having a good week. Thanks for all of your blog comments the other day. You always make me smile so big. :)

Heather said...

oh how I wish I livd in eternal summer! The shirts are defintely forgeous and look very soft and yummy :)

anita said...