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Necklace & Studs : My current faves

Line up necklace from mark., sweet stud earrings from mark.
 When things don't line up, I always turn to my accessories to give me a little extra oomph.   I know I show "current faves" pretty often but I like to switch it up!  The necklace adds a little class to a white shirt.  And you know I am always on the white clothes train.
studs from mark.
 I am obsessed with studs, I just can't do big earrings and these are nice and subtle and I don't feel like I have monkeys hanging from my lobes.
necklace from .mark.
What do you turn to when things don't line up in your day?


anita said...

soak in the tub .. love your triangle studs, love sparkle and dark metal together.

Madeupgirl said...

I have the necklace too. It is so pretty.

Odyssey Home said...

I turn to yoga; it always helps.
Pretty items, Laura. Always a pleasure to see your jewelry posts.

paisleysummer said...

The necklace is a lovely statement piece.
Yeah i probably go and choose one of my bolder pieces of jewellery or add a few extra bracelets! x

Heather said...

I have a big sliver ring that I like to wear, plus I'm hoping to get a Michael Kors watch soon :)