Photo from the AARP blog featuring Mr. Rademaker's story

Carving out a new career is something I think we can all relate to these days.  Life is full of curve balls which makes us all have to take a moment and regroup.  What a better place to regroup than by the beach? That's what Kirk Rademaker did, he left a stressful job as a project manager in construction  and pursued a true passion, a career as an artist.   His medium is sand which takes him to the best office in the world, the beach!  I'm excited to see this segment because we all have dreams and wonder how we can make them happen and Mr. Rademaker actually did.  Just goes to show you, you don't have to pick the "right" major or go to the "best" schools to do what you want to do.

If you would like to see more of Mr. Rademaker's inspirational story which was filmed in beautiful Santa Cruz, Ca check out the TODAY show on Tuesday July 17 at  9:15AM EST when Jane Pauley shares his story in a segment called "Your life Calling TODAY".    And to see more behind the scenes check out the AARP blog.

What is your life calling, what do you want to do TODAY?