I needed a little trip to a happy and peaceful place so this beautiful beach in St. John came to mind.  Every time I have come here, I feel like the only person to have ever discovered this place.  Just me and the sea.  I guess I've been pretty lucky, that and the fact that there is limited parking here. :)
Truthfully this part of the beach is kind of still Gibney which is a true gem. I've shown you Gibney beach a few years ago as seen here.   In 1957, the Gibney's sold a piece of their land to the Oppenheimer's (the father of the atomic bomb...eek!) , where they built a vacation home.  When the Oppenheimer's passed, their daughter inherited the land and when she passed the land was donated to the people of St. John.
You might recognize this shot, I think I shared it with you a few weeks ago, not sure to tell you the truth but anyway I love this tree.  I like to sit here early in the morning when everything is still.
Thanks for coming along today.  I just needed a little quick trip to the beach today.
What beach would you like to visit today?