gold accessories with a white mani are my new obsession. Nails: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in "White On"
 My love for white has been going strong this summer.  Last summer I didn't really have a summer living in cool Monterey, CA,  but this summer has more than made up for it here, at the very most southern tip of Texas. 
Looking through Pinterest I found some adorable white dresses that really just made me rethink how to style the few that I have.  I like how these two are a little boho and casual.

These two are my favorites right now because they look put together and cool. The brown leather details in the clutches and belt add a nice organic touch.  Don't you just love the happy pop of color the pink blazer adds to the dress on the left?  I'm smitten.
We are heading to the island this weekend, I'm so excited!
What's your color this summer?