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South Padre Beach Access #6

Today I am giving you the inside scoop to one of our favorite new spots on the island BEACH ACCESS #6. This is the last access point before the road ends (as seen here) when you drive down the island.  It will cost you $10 dollars to drive in but they will give you $5 bucks back if you exit the beach with a bag of trash.  Unfortunately, people down here are not the best at keeping the beach tidy but the island has been really cracking down with $2000 fines for littering and I am so glad. 

I had never driven on the beach with my car before but it seems like this is the way they do things here in Texas.  I have to admit it was kind of nice to have our car on the beach because it gave us a nice shade and we had all our supplies nearby. However, a car with four wheel drive is highly recommended, because you don't want to get stuck in the sand!
By all means bring your umbrella or tent, or stop by a souvenir shop and buy one.  The sun is strong and mega hot, especially in these dog days of summer.  Since we are in the middle of summer, the beach was busy but definitely not as crowded as it gets on Isla Blanca.  Luckily, SPI is not that long or big, so it really is a 15/20 min drive or so from the bridge to Beach Access #6 (depending on traffic).

Speaking of giving you the inside scoop, I was in disbelief when I saw ice cream trucks running up and down the beach.   It was definitely another Texan surprise!
 The Canine Travel team was on hand for a little R&R.  Newman did a little beach combing with his dad and Norm and I hung out in the shade.  As you can gather, this beach is a great place to bring the whole family, just make sure you bring doggie bags and a leash.
What's your local beach like?


missgiven said...

Awesome! You can drive on the beach in Daytona also.

The doll on fashion said...

It looks fab! I drove down Daytona once too on my holiday.

I love your beach pictures!

Doll on fashion

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Neat pics, and what a fun day for the doggies!

I've not seen any ice cream trucks on our part of the island, that would be a nice surprise. Then again, we only go very late in the day (no SPF needed!) and never on the weekend because it does get hot and crowded.

We are fortunate to have a beach right in town on the bay (with a cute beach bar, too) but it's disheartening to see so much trash on it. I'm glad to hear there are big fines for littering.

No probs with Portuguese Man-O-War?

LovePetunia said...

We go to the beach in Port Aransas. It is really fun to pull our truck up, pitch a tent for shade and enjoy the day! It is so fun to see the kites flying and people fly their college flags from their tents. What a happy atmosphere! I wish we were there right now! :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

My kiddos just tried surfing for the first time during a visit to Newquay Bay in England. Some English recall riding donkeys on the beach as children, but I haven't seen any :)

Love your photos! So fun to find and 'follow' another Laura :) XOL

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

It is weird to think of driving on the beach (I've never done it), but I can see some of its advantages!
Just found your blog, btw. Glad you're enjoying Texas!

Nicolle said...

Pretty pictures! I love these!

Litterbugs make me soooo crazy! I think it's awesome about $5 back for a bag of trash. Why do people want to litter on beautiful beaches?!

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

What a great beach - I love it how you can drive right onto the sand.


skyradical said...

hey, nice blog you got here girl! i'm actually in a lookout for fellow travel bloggers! keep it up and more photos!


it's Not About Pretty said...

I love that you have found great beaches you can bring the pups to. It's so hard here... And yeah - the ice cream truck on the beach is a bit strange - but yummy! (-:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! What is the breed of your dogs?

sealaura said...

Thank You! My boys are rescues. We believe Newman is a chihuahua pug mix and we keep hearing that Norman is a reindeer chihuahua because he has deer-like features. Newman was found in the street of Coachella, Ca and Norman was rescued from Rialto, CA.