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A little Pacific Sun in Texas...

 I took advantage that it was in the low 90s a few days ago to pull out my floral jeans that really haven't gotten much play time.  We took the boys on a nice walk in the nearby fields where really it's not a bad idea to wear long pants since you never know what kind of critter or prickly plant you might run into.  I normally wear covered shoes, but on this occasion, I risked it.   
Insight New Romantic Jeans ( they are on sale now)
 Never in a million years would I have thought I would wear these Kelly Kapowski/Blossom  kind of pants but I wanted to wear something a little out of my norm.

Soon after arriving in Texas I was strolling around the mall and in a MEGA-CALI homesick moment I entered PacSun.   PacSun's campaign is "A California State of Mind" and that was enough for me, the pants were mine.  Anyway,  I try to pair them with neutrals so they aren't too loud, but there's no losing sight of me with these babies on!  Like I said prints are a big departure for me but clothes should be fun and even if I look back and gasp at these pics and see them as one of my fashion faux-pas, I will have a good laugh.  Last thing about these pants is is that they have a little stretch to them because nobody likes feeling like a chorizo.
At the risk of looking like a Border Patrol officer which are plenty here in my neck of the woods I still prefer to wear aviators.  I am trying to switch them out since I noticed I wear them in most my pics but hey, if you like it, wear it right?
Oh and of course who doesn't accessorize before dog walks in the fields?  Everyone, right?  These are my current faves.
I just love our evening walks.  Looking up at the big Texas sky is such a great way to end the day and wind down a bit.  I can't say I completely fit in here in Texas but that's OK, I like to bring a little Pacific Sun down this way.


The doll on fashion said...

Great jeans, I love floral jeans at the minute!

Doll on fashion

Nicolle said...

Nobody wants to feel like a chorizo....that made me laugh! :)

I absolutely love your necklaces together like that, and you look great. Your print pants are SO cute. Your evening walk looks so peaceful.

Hope you are feeling well.

paisleysummer said...

The print on your jeans is beautiful, so summery and fun! x

O D Y S S E Y said...

Floral jeans manage to look great on you - not silly-trendy like they look on most. Wow! :)
Nice necklaces, too.
You do not look like border patrol wearing aviators, nooo.. lol!

Shorely Chic said...

LOVE your pants!!

missgiven said...

I have been eyeballing Buckle jackets on line. They have so many cute coats for winter.
6 weeks till I fly that way!
Did I tell you my daughter moved out? :(
Did I tell you I am trying to adopt?
Pilates is going slow so now I am determined that I am going to start the Body for Life challenge starting Monday.