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Summer Satchels

I'm a satchel kind of girl and these are my two obsessions for the day!  A "Sea Green" or a "Vibrant Coral?" I'm looking for a bag for travel where I can quickly find my passport and stick in the usual things, wallet, keys, etc.  I need your fashion advice:  At the risk of sounding incredibly narcissistic:
Which one do you think is more me?


ach said...

SEA GREEN! Besides the fact that I've been personally obsessing over all things mint but i also LOVE the shape of the sea green. I also think it pairs well with most outfits and colors. Not that the coral wouldn't but its a softer color so you can get away with more. Plus I'm just personally loving the sea green one and picturing it with a crisp white dress, a navy nautical stripped tee or even colorful shorts and a white tank!

Beach House Living said...

Usually I would go for the sea green/mint one but the pop of color the coral one gives is a fun change.

anita said...

i too like the shape and functionality of the sea green one..both colors say tropical :)

O D Y S S E Y said...

sea green. because: (1) it's so your color! the orange creates a lovely contrast but practicality/functionality rules. and (2) those outside pockets will be very handy.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Sea Foam Green one!! Reminds me of the beach - perfect for you Laura!!

Karena said...

I love the Seafoam green, however I would pick the coral; adore it!!

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Art by Karena

missgiven said...

The Sea Green for sure.
I am currently obsessed with shopper totes.