We hadn't been to the island in a month to avoid the Spring Breakers so we loaded up the boys and hit the road.  Sounds easy but with our little Newman it means hearing him cry for most of the way.  He is a nervous little guy, afraid we are are leaving without him so he freaks out.  Then he freaks out because he is in the car. 
Soon after we arrive he is super cool and relaxed (as pictured above).  I was a little worried when we reached Isla Blanca since it seemed like the whole state of Texas was there.  So many families and many visitors from nearby Tamaulipas.  Newman is not a fan of kiddos but we have figured out our boy does better in crowds than in one on one situations.  This makes sense since he was originally found roaming the streets of Coachella before we rescued him.  
 Oh and once he settled into his Tommy Bahama towel while we sat on the sand, he enjoyed a lot of people watching.
Overall we had a nice outing but are in search of a quiet secret spot on the Island.  Not sure if there is one, but we shall investigate.
Do you have a favorite quiet destination?