Disclaimer: I receive a discount on these items but my opinions are real. 
Who doesn't  need a vacation?  Especially on a Monday, right?  Well since we all can't run towards the turquoise waters just yet, how about getting ready for one?  I have been a fan of mark.'s "For Goodness Face" for its lightweight hydration and SPF 30 protection.  Of course it is important to reapply SPF especially if you will be outdoors all day.  I have used mark.'s For Goodness Face for a couple of years now and have been really happy.  The price point is just right for me ($18) and it seems to do the trick.  As far as eye creams I am really bad about applying those but I just incorporated the "get defensive"($14) eye cream into my routine.  It's better to prevent than to look back and wish you had taken better care of your skin. 
I can't leave the house without an accessory or two (or ten) but I'm often hesitant to bring jewelry on beach trips for fear of losing it or getting it scratched up.  So a fun alternative is to bring inexpensive pieces that pack a WOW factor and if I lose them, it won't be the end of the world.  And as you know, I am a watchaholic, so I had to have this one from mark. ($40.   The earrings and bracelets are an affordable $18 each.   Golden pieces are so fun for summer, don't you think?
Lastly, I wanted to try the Hamptons lotion to add a little shimmer and a summer feel to my skin.  It is indeed very subtle and I like that because who wants to look like a 30,40,50 something Tinkerbell? If you don't have any vacations lined up,  surround yourself with items that put you in a vacation state of mind.
What items make you feel like you are on vacation?