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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Don't know about you, but I struggle when it comes to gift shopping.  I want to please so badly but I can never make up my mind.  When it comes to shopping for my Valentine, it is a little easy because we like similar things.  I just have to pick the rough version of what I would get :) !!  For today's gift guide, I stuck to shops that I know we like so here's the rundown:

1.  darkcycleclothing "Biking is for Lovers" $21 I've bought B a shirt from this place before and they are super nice and high quality, not to mention affordable. 

2.  Timbuk2 ipad envelope $30  B and I love bags and this is one of our favorite places to peruse. 

3.  Octopus Pillow from Caron's Beach House $58.95  How lucky am I to have found  guy who loves Octopi as much as I do.  I just adore this pillow.  This reddish pink color is fun!

4.  darkcycleclothing "Red Crab on a bike" $21 As you know, B is all about his bikes and I just love the striking contrast of this shirt. 

So there's my thoughts for guy's gifts and no, I haven't spoiled it for B, because I got him something else for Valentines but I thought you might need some ideas.
I definitely don't have any problems when it comes to shopping for myself.  I'm awful that way but anyways here are some of my picks for ME, from ME!  It's always so much fun to fantasy shop.  I could (and have) spent all day doing just that.  So for my Valentine picks you have :

1.  Wimberly Inc Cuff Bracelet 
I spent yesterday lusting over the entire site, there is so much there to put on the wish list and a GREAT variety of colors if Red is not up your alley.  This Longhorn spoke to me and when the sealaura stock goes up I'm gonna get it in orange!

2.  J.Crew Mini-Brompton Hobo I have eyed the large Brompton but deemed it a tad too big for my frame, so when I saw this one...OH YEAH!

3.  Nautical Bracelet from Lemon Line.  Super cute and can add a pop pf color to any look.

4.  California (or any state) Necklace from Mia Brenner.   I don't have to tell you why this necklace said "Hello!" to me now do I?

I omitted the prices for these last gifts, out of shame for being so greedy but if you click on the link you will find them HA HA.  Two out of the four gifts are under $50.  A little game for you!  So go on, get your shopping on and don't wait til the last minute (like I normally do). 
Have a great weekend!


anita said...

ohhh, i love the timbuk2 ipad envelope, that looks like something any guy or gal would love!!!!

Ms. Givens said...

That crab tee is a definite must.
Henna, Henna for shore! ;)

Love of the Sea said...

Love the bracelet too. I will have to go check that out!

Nicolle said...

The crab tee is great, and of course the Longhorn bracelet I adore! I've only bought my valentine a card so far. Guess I need to figure out something else, quickly. Have a great weekend!

Home Constructions said...

Great list you have here. For me I'll go for simple but with humor gifts. Happy Valentines!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I'll ake one of each...please!

...and to think that I thought the state pendant was Florida...geeesh!

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

Love the Valentine's Day inspiration - you have reminded me - I better go out & get hubby something! I think he would like the crab tee!

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

OMG, I just have to buy the crab on a bike for hubby! A bit late for Vday, but he's Birthday is in March. We are mad mountain bikers so he will love it.
Sar x