All that glitters is AMAZING!  While most people are getting reds and pink manis for Vday I'm still stuck on this Graphite color by Chanel.  Thanks to Odyssey who turned me on to this hue.  I just love it.  It reminds me of glittery sands and I'm always up for that essence.  I truly find this color very beachy.  It might be, growing up in LA, my many trips to Vegas or me getting a little older but sparkly, glittery items done in a tasteful way rock my world.
Choosing a nail hue is often challenging, I wish I could change colors like I change shoes.  But luckily this color goes with everything and it looks so luxurious.  Now if only I could do something about my dishpan hands.
If you haven't gotten a mani in a while, I highly recommend you treat yourself and schedule one.  I felt so civilized and renewed from mine.   And believe it or not little things like a mani can lift your spirits and make you stand taller.  I know it sounds silly but it did for me.
What nail hues are striking your fancy?