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Beach memories from Galveston, TX

 On our way to South Texas, we stopped in Amarillo and spent some time with B's mom, step Dad and the boys' Uncle Newt.  It was a super nice visit, and on our last night there, my mother in law shared her childhood pics from beach days in Galveston, TX .   It was so much fun and a delightful way to end our visit.
 I just love pictures of yesteryear, so beautiful and they capture such pureness and in this case I feel they capture a bit of Americana. 
 This is my mother in law Knoxie.  Wasn't she a doll?
Some of my fondest memories are picnics in Santa Monica beach with my family and this picture evoked those memories for me.

I think this is my mother in law's Grandma and I just love her nautical striped dress.  Not to mention how she is in command of the situation at hand.  By the looks of that finger, someone was being redirected!
Hope you enjoyed these pictures down memory lane as much as I did.
What are some of your first beach memories?


Nicolle said...

Those pictures are amazing. I love them all! My fondest/oldest beach memories are of the Texas coast, and Destin, FL. Now I want to go dig out some old pictures. :)

MamaCta! said...

Those pics are adorable! Miss you amiga.

Ms. Givens said...

These are wonderful. I have never been to Galveston. Flew out of Amarillo once but didnt see much.
Have a good day!

Everything Coastal said...

Laura - I am posting my Galveston beach pics from my grandma on your facebook page so that you can see them. I found them buried in a box about a year before she passed away. Love her happiness in them! They were taken in the 30's, when she was a teenager.

I miss her every single day...


O D Y S S E Y said...

Lovely images! Everyone looks so happy and carefree.
First beach memories...I was 10, it was my first trip down to Pensacola Beach. After that, I was hooked! Fortunately, we went every summer after that.

beachcomber said...

fabulous photos!! i love old black and whites.
i remember our dad taking us to the beach early every sunday morning.

anita said...

loved looking at these photos laura:)

Beach Coast Style said...

oh my!!! I just love these photos especially since they are vintage. What a treasure! Thanks for for sharing those! Hope you and B are getting acclimated to your new home.

Rose West said...

I just love old photos like these! And even though I don't know the people in them, it feels like stepping back in time. So thank you :)