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From the Riverside Club in Mission, TX

For some reason, over our moves B and I have ended up living in retirement communities and/or near places where retired folks like to partay! (ahhhh we just loved the people of Palm Springs !).  Redlands is a sweet town with a mix of families and older folks. Even though I taught at the university there, it wasn't too much of a college town, I found it to be quite the opposite, muy tranquilo.  Our last home,  Monterey is where all the people with dinero or who had made smart investments went to live.  Hello Pebble Beach! Hello Clint Eastwood! And here in South Texas, I have noticed it is the home for Winter Texans (retired folks from everywhere cold).  We are definitely not complaining because it means we have lived and continue to live in chill, relaxed places.  However, we are definitely on the younger end of the demographic and it's super cool because we seem to have more in common with our older neighbors than the youngins'.
 B wanted to take me to a place he had only seen from the outside and to get here, it is a bit of a journey.  You kind of have to have someone show you because there's no way I would go on dirt roads this close to the border without my passport!! Once we arrived to the Riverside Club it was a party!   So cute, so Texan! 
We are hoping to come back soon and enjoy a boat ride on the river for $10 bucks!  Can you believe it?!  The Riverside Club has all sorts of fun activities lined up and we are on board with that! The German food sounds fab and you all know how much B and I love Oktoberfest from our treks up to the festival in Big Bear here and here, (oh yeah, Big Bear is another retirement community we loved to frequent!) Check out The Riverside Club website for more info. on their facilities because they have tons to offer.
What kind of places have you lived in?


O D Y S S E Y said...

this looks like fun! yes, there are a lot of retirees around these parts. we call them "winter texans".
sounds like you and B have had some great adventures.
my goodness, i have lived in a bunch of places! 'bama (where i'm from), new england, all over the gulf coast, east coast, caribbean, and extensive time in sunny south florida.

Ms. Givens said...

I'm German.
You are making me wanna drive down there.
Samantha has a sore throat so our plans for the weekend may all be canceled.
Hope you do some exploring for the rest of us! :)

drollgirl said...

i wanna go! you are always going on the best little fun trips. so fun! and i hope you and your husband are happy and having a blast together. :)

Nicolle said...

What fun. Definitely a cute little Texas town. I love laid back towns as well. You are going to have such a great time in Texas. There are so many cute town with unique characteristics, all over the place. The boat ride on the river sounds neat, and I do hope you do it soon.

I have lived in Fort Worth my entire life. Sort of boring, although I do love it here. I would love the adventure of a move, but my husband has lived all over and is happy to not ever move again. :)

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