It's been such a mild winter for most of the country that it's ok to be thinking spring already.  Especially when I learned about the launch of Bella Costas by Reef.  I am a huge fan of flats and these vibrant ones by Reef are even more special because they are part of their "We Heart Guatemala" project which supports the traditions of the Mayan Highlands.  Through a partnership with nonprofit organization Nest, Reef is providing an opportunity for Mayan women to create a sustainable living. I think we can all behind that cause, anything that promotes peace and empowers women is A+ with me.
Reef Tropic

Reef Rainforest

You must check out the lookbook.  It is like a mini-vacation and totally gets me pumped for warmer days by the beach.  Lucky for us Bella Costas launch TODAY and are an affordable $54!  What a great start to February!  Oh and did you notice how the name means "beautiful coasts" en español?  Right up my alley and I hope yours too!