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Port Isabelle, TX w/ my boys

 Yesterday we had a fabulous visit to Port Isabelle.  It was a perfectly cool day and also perfect since the Canine Travel Team were along for the ride.  Newman still stuggles with riding in the car, but he's part of the team, so he had to come!  I really don't know too much about South Texas, so I am intrigued when I find these plaques that explain a bit about the history.

 We peeked in some of the shops and galleries and then decided to have some hot dogs with our little doggies.  The boys were so good!  Port Isabelle seemed pretty dog friendly although not all restaurants allow dogs in the patio seating areas.  We are so used to Cali, where dogs are pretty much royalty but hopefully we'll find some more doggy-friendly spots as we travel around Texas.
Jalapeño Cheddar hot dog, YUP so bad but so GOOD!
The weekend went by so quickly so we did not make it over to South Padre Island on the other side of the bridge you see above, but I know we'll be back soon.  How about you?
What adventures did you have this past weekend?


Nicolle said...

Hi again. Thanks so much for your kind words. It made me smile that you came by my blog. I bought the TJs coffee in Santa Fe last summer. I loved it. We are due to have a store opened here in FW in the spring. I can't wait. I know they are opening one in Houston, but that would still be a drive for you. Maybe soon they will come to your area?!

I love your pictures here, especially the 3rd one. I've never been there. We do love Port Aransas, Texas, but it's probably a few hours north of you. You will love South Padre Island. Oh, and the hot dog looks fabulous.


anita said...

what a cute looking little town.
and those hot dogs really look yum :)

we went to the monster jam orlando..yep LOL.
fun to see how excited ian was with the noise and size of trucks.

sunday we strolled a beachside art festival and sat at our favorite beachside restuarant and ate key lime grilled shrimp :)

O D Y S S E Y said...

J has been to Port Isabel many times during our first "exile" to Texas.
I swear this looks much like Rockport! (You would like that little town. It's 35 miles north of Corpus.)
I worked in the studio last weekend but J and Doxy had a small Texas adventure into the Outback, which is what I call inland.

beachcomber said...

what a pretty lighthouse & i love the coloured buildings!!

Ms. Givens said...

That looks like a fun weekend.
I am ready for a road trip.
Have soo much planned in Febuary it will have to wait till March.
Going to the Puttin on the Dog benefit for Life Senior Services that month as well as a convention in Fort Smith, AR with my friend Dondi.

Beach House Living said...

Of course Newman had to go....Looks like a nice afternoon.

Jinnifer richard said...

very pretty house and and so funny

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

That street is lovely! Could almost be Santa Fe by the sea!! Which would be really cool.

Bella-Fleur said...

I loved padre island ! thanks for the happy post , need a little sunshine in my life right about now!

Rose West said...

Looks like coastal Texas has a personality of its own :) Never really thought about it before, but it looks really cool. I love the shot of the street with the palms and colorful buildings!