Yesterday we had a fabulous visit to Port Isabelle.  It was a perfectly cool day and also perfect since the Canine Travel Team were along for the ride.  Newman still stuggles with riding in the car, but he's part of the team, so he had to come!  I really don't know too much about South Texas, so I am intrigued when I find these plaques that explain a bit about the history.

 We peeked in some of the shops and galleries and then decided to have some hot dogs with our little doggies.  The boys were so good!  Port Isabelle seemed pretty dog friendly although not all restaurants allow dogs in the patio seating areas.  We are so used to Cali, where dogs are pretty much royalty but hopefully we'll find some more doggy-friendly spots as we travel around Texas.
Jalapeño Cheddar hot dog, YUP so bad but so GOOD!
The weekend went by so quickly so we did not make it over to South Padre Island on the other side of the bridge you see above, but I know we'll be back soon.  How about you?
What adventures did you have this past weekend?